After winning the 2010 Bboyspot.com bboy of the year award I had to travel to Columbia where I finished out a great year!

I have not had the chance to talk about winning the award at Outbreak. Honestly it meant a lot for me to receive this award. The process in which the winner is decided by, is what makes it legit for me to feel proud for receiving this title. The thing is I dont do what I do with the purpose of receiving some type of award. I do what I do because I love it plain and simple. I like sharing some things with the community in ways that I feel could help or inspire some one watching or reading. I try and do it in a pure form the way it was passed down to me. To get recognized for it is flattering!

Personally I think its a dope thing to have an award like this handed out. Anyone could of got the award and in the end anyone one us that made it to the end put in a lot of work for the year. Cant take nothing from the finalists or any other bboy out there doing their thing. I will proudly rep this award and stand by it! I feel that this type of thing is helping set a new standard in the scene and develop something for future generations. Thats why I will proudly lead!

I want to say thanks to everyone that voted and everyone that supported me through the process! I will rep this award for all the bboys worldwide! Thank you!