In January 1995, life took a turn into an art form that has changed people’s lives. Connected to many “street kids” this dance has gone on to give many of us a path. To innovate and become something more than what society had in store for us.

Growing up as an immigrant in America, loosing the connection to the roots of ones birth culture and feeling alienated in Americas ways Breaking, Hip Hop’s dance element became the voice and culture for a confused 12 year old kid. Surrounded by other immigrant kids gang culture had a heavy influence on everyone around. A very accessible outlet for many of us growing up. From the fashion to the music that we listened to, it was a sign of the times. Two films American Me and Blood in Blood Out would go on to influence Latinos to follow that path the same way Beat Street and Electric boogaloo breaking inspired many in the 80’s. The message in those films was to show where you end up and where that path of life takes you. Instead it gave people a voice through violence. In that culture you have a few ways out. In street terms you either ended up dead, or in prison serving 25 to life.

The inspiration for this series stems from these terms. Celebrating 25 years in this art form. Giving a life to a positive direction that has gone on to help give an identity and a voice to an immigrant kid with limited resources. Over 70 countries visited over 100 tournament wins in the process of all this is the lessons and moments that dictated a career in breaking. The series goes more in depth into these moments. From the worst loses to the biggest wins inside and outside the dance.

Here are the 1st four episodes.

Episode 1 “The night that changed it all”

Episode 2 “2002 The Lesson”

Episode 3 “Battling Injured”

Episode 4 “Setting Goals Red Bull BC One 2006-2007”