There was a battle held in Los Angeles called BBoyz N the Hood. Having planned on entering it with Kid David, he was not able to make it out. After arriving I ran into Mike the Cure form Knuckleheadz Cali. He asked me if I was down to enter. After thinking about it, i said fuck it lets jump in it.
It had been nearly 4 months since I had competed in a battle. The BC one was the last time I battled in a competition. After Brazil I had planned to take a month off breaking to let my back heal. After the month was up, it was time to start training physically and working on my core. For about a month I hit the gym and worked out. From cardio to weights, nothing to crazy just enough to build my back, back up and strengthen my weaknesses. Then came the breaking, it always comes down to doing what you actually do.

Here are photos and videos from the battles that happened at BBoyz N the Hood last weekend.
Shout out to Mike the Cure for entering with me.

Photography by Emajyn