A Judges Perspective

Sorry on my delay i have been on the go for the last 3 weeks. This is my view on judging the BCone. First off judging the 2010 Red Bull Bcone was a tough task. I felt that the winner Neguin did a great job and deserved the crown!

As far as the rest of the battles there were some tough calls to make but I think they had to do with the battlers. If you dont make it obvious to the people judging you then you leave it open for anything to be decided. We have to break down the battle to more technicalities then just what we saw. Who was bboyn more? Who misexecuted? Who had more originality in their moves, who had a battle approach and so on. So i had to base on what i felt repped bboyn more for tje way i learne dthe dance. I felt the level was good as well.

Many of the favorites that lost, I felt held back too much and their opponents seized the moment and brought out their heavy guns. As a judge we can’t judge on what we know you’re capable of, we gotta judge in the moment and what is going on right then and there.

I know what its like being in the battling end. Holding back has cost me some battles. I take it as a lesson and learned from it. Some people had more energy then others but its a battle not all bboys have a hype approach. Being hype isnt a move. It all comes down the dancing you do on the floor. There was a lot of flips thrown in this years battle which were amazing to see. Some people were surprised why the ones getting the crowd hyped with flips n stuff lost. It all comes down to how they are incorporated. This is a dance!

Over all the Red Bull BCone was amazing! The energy was super dope! I liked that there was more people then before. All the performances were very enjoyable. The Big Daddy Kane performance, I think for me was the highlight performance! Super crazy! Awesome times and it was an honor to be judging next to Ken Swift, Storm, Born and my fellow All Star Lilou!

My votes for each battle,

Lil G/ Gravity- Lil G

Thesis/Toshiki- toshiki

Marcio/ Kleju- Kleju

Neguin/ keyz – Neguin

Airdit/ Beast- airdit

Kill/ just do it- jdi

Taisuke/Pluto- Pluto

Kapu/ Luigi- Luigi

2nd round

Lil G/ Toshiki- Lil G

Marcio/ Neguin- Neguin Airdit/ Just do it- JDI

Pluto/ Luigi- Luigi


Neguin/ Lil G- Lil G

Just do it / Luigi- JDI


Neguin/ just do it- Neguin


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