A little late but never too late. Here is a photographic journey. 2013 was a busy year traveling around the world. 21 countries and a lifetime of great memories. Aside from Breaking I have been learning photography. It has been 3 years of learning but I’m still an amateur. Something fun to do and learn. Meeting so many cool photographers around the world that do this as their craft. It motivates me to learn more and more. So this is a year in photos of some cool locations. Honestly I wish I would of took more, but still learning.

San Diego MTS trains by night.

Red Square Moscow Russia

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Golden Gate by night.

BBoy Keebz freezing

Bahrain by night World Trade Center Building

Egyptian outside cafe

Giza Plateau

Amman Citadel Jordan

Singapore Solar Trees

Dubai Desert

Lone Rider Seoul South Korea


Malaysian Street Art

Flat Top Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa