BBoy of the year?


BBoy of the year?? here is my resume for the 2010 bboy of the year award and my work. If you feel i deserve this and are going to Outbreak I’d appreciate the support! It has been an honor to be mentioned as a bboy of the year nominee! Thanks for all the votes from those that supported! Much respect

RoxRite 2010 Resume

January-Judged a Local Event in San Diego, 1st Place Hakioro Anniversary

February-Expo battle vs Beatz n Pieces, Won Unbreakable in VA, Taught Workshops in Virginia and San Diego

March- Judged Poland party jam, Won Footwork Battle @ Cypher City BDay Jam, Won Bashville Stampede

April- RedBull Bcone tour Italy, 2 workshops (Naples, Florence), Judged 2 separate Redbull Battles

May- Won Warsaw Challenge

June- Participated in WDC Colosseum Battle Japan, 5 Workshops (France, Japan) Judged On The Beat BBoy Battle  (Japan)

July – Judged Outbreak Slovakia, 5 Workshops (Czech Republic, Slovakia), Judged Motion Dizorders 11yr Anniversary, Judged Just Jam Under 18, Won SDK Battle(Czech Republic), Won Bruski BBoy Challenge (Poland)

 August- Judged Just Jam International, Judged Solo Pro South Africa, 8 Workshops (England, South Africa), Participated in United Styles

September- Panel @ IBE, Participated in IBE, Won All The Way Live (Hayward)

October- 3 Workshops (Egypt)

November- Panel, Judged A La Luz De Hip Hop (Bolivia), Judged Redbull BCone, 1 Workshop (Bolivia)

December- Participating at Outbreak, 1 workshop (Orlando) I will be heading to Columbia to do some bboy stuff and teach as well

Skill- Won 8 out 10 battles so far

Contribution- I have 2 Blogs and I also have Both updated often. When doing workshops under Redbull the workshops are free of charge for all the local bboys. I also film, edit, and post some of my trips on vimeo to share some of my opportunities with the community and hopefully inspire  Trying to help create a new path of opportunities for bboys by getting sponsored by both Biggest & Baddest and Redbull, A new path outside the entertainment industry. Showing people in the community that this is possible, as well as a few interviews.  Went south of the equator 4 times this year and help spread bboyn through these trips in countries that don’t often receive these kinds of opportunities.

Professional- Travelled to 12 countries and 4 of them multiple times. Got a sponsorhip with Red bull. Was one of the creators for the idea behind the Redbull Bcone all stars. Never had a complain.

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