Bedlam Jam Champs

Here is a video of a battle Renegades won over the weekend. It was good to get down with the crew again. Battling along side Kid David, Tony Styles and 2 new prospects Mike and Marthy Mcfly. Its always interesting getting down with the guys but got to #85 and with some good battles through the night. Thanks to the crew for helping me get one step closer to the goal. Shout out to the crews we battled and making us work for it.

Here are some photos as well provided by Emajyn

IMG_4445 2

Tony Styles

Kid David



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  1. Matthew Guerrero

    Congratulation man! You did awesome from the clips. I wish I could have been thier to support and experience. Keep up the hard work. No excuses :p. See you one day in near future. _Matthew Guerrero


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