It is finally out, Break’N Reality has become a reality! The show has made its way to itunes and it will premiere on Halogen TV in 11 days. It is the first BBoy reality show of its kind. I hope it is a step forward in our community for new opportunities and for others to get something like this as well.
It was a great experience for myself overall. People now get a chance to see the lead up to what was one of the most amazing moments in my breaking career. It all felt like a dream but it was captured and documented in a way I never imagined. Now you get a bit more details into what I do on the regular and see what my life is really like. Also people will get to see what the life of a bboy is like. That is what the goal is, to let the world know we are here and we aint going now where.

Make sure to check out the new trailer as well!
Peace n respect