8513894779_8e9f9272cb_hA different Breaking scene.


People are different everywhere you go. Breaking is the same, it’s different everywhere you go. The scene is growing worldrwide in many ways. I personally would say the scene in the US has been growing, community wise rather then financially. There’s a few I notice like The Bboy Spot in Florida, The Beacon In Seattle, and FutureArtsNow in San Jose. This is a great thing, people that actually know each other working together.  Worldwide I have noticed the scene’s growth financially. Having great giant events sponsored by brand names, flying US dancers out on the regular. I love to complain, but in reality breaking is in a good place right now. Compare dancing to a lot of other sports and activities. No one is angry over an airflare, nobody is dying over dancing. Dancing, especially breaking is a real beautiful and creative expression.


What is it like being an independent artist like Nasty Ray?


Being an independent artist/dancer in America is extremely difficult.  I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone and I never intended to do it myself, which is a good thing because I naturally got here and naturally finding yourself is the way to go. Further more people need a perspective about dancers. Let me say this, most arts: painting, writing, singing, etc… besides dancing have a product.  You can sell a painting, you can sing a song, you can write poetry and design clothing. All these things can be produced, copied, branded, and sold. Dancing…

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. how can you sell a dance move? How do you copyright your movement? This is a great struggle, which in turn will humble you or ultimately lead you to quit dancing all in all. I’ll leave you with some words of advice. “Find yourself through what you love doing”



Do you think we are like modern day renaissance men? Do you agree?


We are Renaissance men. I would say yes, but one of the “problems/freedoms” (good n bad always go hand in hand) of being a dance/breaker is we have no clear successful examples of what to do financially to live. We are freestyling our lives, making a path that has never been paved. This is true freedom.


Being experienced in the industry and being in the streets? What’s the difference?


I wouldn’t say Im from the “streets”. I grew up in my grandma’s house dancing in the living room, at a dance school, in a garage, at school, everywhere. That was the approach I took. I danced everywhere. I was constantly dancing. When you’re always dancing, you’re always going to be ready to express yourself fully. That’s what it was about, showing how you feel through your dance to your friends. The industry was not about this. I would say the industry attempts to make you dance for different reasons, money/connections/money/money…. When something makes you do something else for different reasons, you change. For myself,  I still work in the industry every once in awhile. I work with my friends. REAL friends not “Facebook friends”. Not a guy that can talk to you and keep in contact better than the usual guy. I work everywhere and am willing to work with my homies or work for work and get paid properly. All in all you have to go through “the changes” and through the “streets”  there’s no short cut in dancing, it’s HARD! That’s what I love about it.



What’s 1nspirationisfree and what are you doing with it?


1nspirationisfree is dance, it’s free. It only takes 1 person to inspire you to do something. How much is inspiration? There is no price on freedom. Sorry, I got alittle deep there. 🙂 I believe the dance scene needs more ideas, more inspiration and that’s what my site/brand gives.  A shirt may cost $25 which is not free, but the messages and more importantly the movement in dance behind that is most def free. Feel the freedom! HipHop! <3


Random advice?

Work with your true friends, rather then working with someone soley interested in your “breakdance” that knows how to talk the talk, and always make it nasty!





Thank you,
Raymond “NastyRay” Mora