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Definition of Success

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Here is a short video where they ask different musicians about their definition of success. It is interesting to hear their views on being a successful musician. For me it, it got me thinking about being a successful bboy. What do you consider a successful bboy. Breaking is one of the hardest fields to make… Read more »

Ingredientz of Flava Vol.2

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Check out the new mixtape by Lean Rock and B-Ryan! Super fresh gotta love all the stuff being put out by these guys. Lean is one of my top 3 favorite DJ’s to hear in our scene! Enjoy Tweet

Online Tutorial??

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People have asked me to post online tutorials and to be honest it has never really been my thing. The guys from Yak asked me to make one for the solo video they shot. My first and only online video tutorial. It was broken down into four pieces so check them out and hope you… Read more »

Marvin Gaye

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To fresh!! Marvin Gaye – Just like Music (by DJAmericas) Tweet

Black Moon

Posted by & filed under music. Black Moon  on some 90s shit!! Tweet


Posted by & filed under music. Lets Bring it back!! Cormega-Bring it back  Tweet

Bobby Caldwell

Posted by & filed under music. Bobby Caldwell – Carry On 1982 The original to yesterdays track I posted. Something I like to to do is find the originals that were sampled. Check it! Tweet


Posted by & filed under music. MED – Can’t Hold On Feeling this track! Tweet


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You Know My Steez – GangStarr (via esesanto666) Guru Stay strong! one of my favorite tracks Tweet