Here is a short video where they ask different musicians about their definition of success. It is interesting to hear their views on being a successful musician. For me it, it got me thinking about being a successful bboy. What do you consider a successful bboy

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. Breaking is one of the hardest fields to make a career out of. I have been trying at it for a while now and while I have been able to do it, it has been a hard thing to do. Being able to accept your position in life and what comes with attempting to make a living from what we do is the first step. Once you have done that you gotta have the drive and discipline to push forward and make the necessary sacrifices in the distractions of everyday social life. For me you gotta think longevity, this dance doesnt pay millions for being a one hit wonder so take your time and develop yourself as solid as possible.

None the less cool video and good views being expressed that can translate to being a bboy.