Focus vs RoxRite.. Im sure some have seen it by now. But if you havent here it is! Support the actual people that put it together and posted it by viewing it and supporting! Thanks!

This what we talk about when we say longevity in battles. It was the first ever 12 round expo that happened in BBoyn. Usually they are 10. The concept was that of a championship fight! Its hard to find 2 bboys that can go this long. There is a few and those are the guys to watch out for. There was some serious training going into this battle as well as in the moment strategy. Other then that enjoy!!  Feel free to repost and pass it around! this is and Official battle!

I dont do many Expos but this was my first in 4 years. It might be my price tag for expos.. haha or that I dont like doing 5 round expos.. 

This was a battle that I will always be proud to be a part of. It was dope battling Focus! Much respect glad we went the distance!