In 2011 the first BBoy Reality Show was shot all around the world. Following 3 bboys Neguin, Lilou and myself through different periods in the year. It was a great learning experience for myself. Never really been into being on the screen or big screen at that. Definitely you learn to appreciate the ability to go in front of a camera and be able to express yourself. It is something that I will forever cherish because it captured something rare and pure in my life. It was a dream come true and it happened when I least expected it to.

Its been two years and now Red Bull has released the full season in 18 separate episodes. So feel free to check em out and tune in.

Every where I’ve traveled people have asked about this show. So now here you have to watch for free. So check it out and share!
Also feel free to ask about the episodes in the comments. I will add another blog answering questions

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. Here’s the link to the Youtube channel Red Bull Music