I know its mad late but heres some pics n my review for Warsaw Challenge. Finally had some time to sit down!

For the last 2 months I have been on a super busy schedule traveling all over the place from Poland to Japan. Just to name a few Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France. From battles to judging jams and even some motion capturing in the mix. Its been some fun travels with some close people of mine.

To start off this journey im going to go back 2 months to the week of May 5th! The Warsaw Challenge 2010! To start this trip I caught an early train ride up to LA to get some practicing done with Squadron. We ended up getting some cool practices in while I was there. The trip was a bit tight though we were flying in to Warsaw on May 7th get there the 8th round midnight and battle on the 9th. Pick up time was between 10:30 -11 am. So we only had time to get there and go straight to sleep. Good rest will always equal a good performance on battle day. Woke up feeling a bit tired and jetlagged though not enough rest for me personally but we still had to go out and put out our best.

If you don’t know about this event it is a free event with a concert that holds like 7000- 10000 spectators but I heard that there was 17000 this year so I don’t know haha pretty crazy! This year was Rahzel and Talib Kweli. The battles start in the afternoon and go on through the night. Our fist battle was against a young Polish crew that made it through the pre qualifications

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. We beat them then we battled Funk Fanatix from Russia. In this battle I felt like we got lazy through the battle and didn’t fully strategize. This helped us for our next battle though got us to refocus and get serious. We had to battle Drifterz from Korea and at that point everyone was feeling pretty good and with that confidence we went into the finals.  Once again we had to battle Killafornia which was the 2 time defending  champions and a rematch from the FSS 12 finals. By this point in the day I was already feeling really tired. I don’t know about the rest of the guys but at least I know I did. Battling Killa is no easy thing. To me they are a stacked crew with veteran battlers so they know how to battle. I can say that this was a very technical battle that was long and tough to be a part of. Through the battle we went back and forth I felt that we had the upper hand in the first half of the battle. They had the second half of the battle depending on how it is viewed. To each its own. I personally didn’t know what to expect and with the tie we went into a tie breaker round of one on one. At this point we were trying to figure out who to send out. Personally I didn’t want to do it I couldn’t think of any of my movers. We had a talk then Beast took me aside and convinced me to do it. Then the rest was history, they sent out Poe 1 who needs no introduction the mans dance speaks for itself. Feeling blank I based my whole round on what I saw him do. This is when we speak about battling and talk about paying attention to what your opponent does and responding to what you see came in handy. You have to be able to perform in the clutch something that takes years to develop.  The judges gave it to us and went home Warsaw Challenge Champs! 2010!