Photo by Nika Kramer

For the first time in the 2 year history of the Red Bull BC One All Stars, We went to battle as one crew. It all went down at the Notorious IBE in the legendary All Battles All. Spending most of the year on the road, it was agreed that we would go to IBE and put our name against a hungry Young Gunz Squad and Team France.

The last time we were at IBE was 2 years ago, but that time we were all battling in different squads.
As we entered the floor for our first battle the energy that was in there was moving. We had a warm welcoming and it gave us a push. Battling the Young Gunz was our first time doing this as one unit so some moments were feeling a bit off and some on. We just couldnt catch the groove. Might of been the music or it might of been the feeling of holding back for our later battle. The young Gunz definitely took advantage of that weakness and had some very good moments. Tip my hat off to them and glad to see that there is a strong future in our scene.

The battle with Team France was the one that woke us up. All of us went in knowing that we had to put it all on the line and thats what we did. There we caught our groove and put it all out on the floor!

It was all a learning experience! Shout out to both teams for giving it theyre all. Also a shout out to the crew! We did our thing and held it down! Proud of all of the guys.
Taisuke, Lil G, Ronnie, Pelezhino, Cico, Neguin, Hong 10 and Lilou even though he didnt make it.

Enjoy the battles!