Im sure many people have seen it already. Yesterday Strife TV Released an interview we did at Outbreak in December.

The funny thing about this, is that it is actually the end of the actual interview. It was an extra question that came up. So I chose to speak on “MY” understanding of the dance. I am not forcing my views on no one. That is not my reason for going in depth with what I feel about BBoyn. I was just addressing something I kept hearing about and I chose to defend my approach to this dance.

I am not saying that if you do power you are wack. I am not saying that you shouldnt do power moves. I started with with mainly doing power moves. This helped develop my style. Everyone should do as they feel this is just my view and understanding of this dance. You have to represent this dance is true form and translate it with your style.

Remember at this day and age in BBoyn you benefit more from being an all around bboy.

Thanks Strife for giving an outlet to voice my thoughts and for the interview as well.

One more thing much respect to everyone out in this world representing this dance.

Para todos los BBoys que hablan espanol tambien tiene subtitulos en espanol!

Roxrite’s Bboy Concepts | STRIFE.TV (by strifetv)