Before the term cypher became implemented in our dance, we used to just go and rock the circles. That is what its all about cyphering, hitting up the circles, or vibing whatever you want to call it.

Think about it, before the saturation of competitions it was about going to dance parties and rocking the spot. Roll in there with your crew, hoping to run into your rival crew and go head to head with no judges just you vs them or you vs whoever. I can say that, that’s where I learned how to battle. That is what helps me do competitions. My approach to a contest is to look at it like I am battling, not putting on a show. It’s the same as if I was in a circle battling someone 3 rounds except there is judges. What I’m saying is, to me it’s the same approach. I don’t change my battle mentality, it’s just under set rules.

I always tell people that take my workshop to learn about themselves in the circles. Battle people, it doesnt always have to be at a jam. Just learn take your time to understand what you can and can’t do. That way once you have that understanding you can go into a contest and break your opponent down like you would in a real battle.

I’m not trying to sound cliche about the whole cypher thing. It’s just that without understanding this part of the dance, you are missing a big piece of what this is about.

The clip I’m posting was some footage that a friend of mine caught at jam in SF. It’s a rare thing for me to have footage like this, because I feel like this where you won’t see me.

Thought I would share this.