Months of preparation and training is being put to the test on a weekly basis

. This time the battle turns out to be a 2 vs 3 battle for us. After the planned 3rd member wasn’t able to battle. We decided to just rep for the name of the crew and to test our skills. After big events it is hard to go straight to the lab. The build up for WBC was a lot and on the come down of finishing the event, got hit with a flu.

By the weekend things began to feel better but with out much training I was not able to work on the things I had in mind. So this weeks exercise for you to try out and to help you with your footwork and your stamina is the 10 rounds of death footwork drill.

  • 30 Seconds of footwork
  • 30 breathing break

While you do the exercise play with your steps and add variety to the movement. Use it more for process to incorporate your concepts and ideas that you have been lacking. Every round should have new movements besides the base of the dance.

Thanks for tuning in!