After a busy month on the go and living out of my luggage. I was able to sit down and edit a new clip from my month long journey. 4 weeks 5 countries, battles, workshops, judging, photoshoots, video shoots the list goes on. The one thing that makes this all worth it is the inspiration you get from meeting people and experiencing these new places.

The clip is made up of Austria, Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon, and Jordan. In Austria I got to partner with Kid David for the 2 on 2  Circle Industry and the rest of the Squadron members for the Checkmate crew battle. It is always inspiring and moving to get down with the guys. From there I went on a 3 week tour to the middle east where I got to see some amazing places and along the way get down with some locals. This vid is just a re-cap of all of that.




Camera man for the event was Nasty Ray, MK, MG and for the non event shots myself. haha

Music: School- Masta Kills, Time is Now- BBoy Wicket, One Man Army – BBoy Wicket

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