Beat:Repeat by Red Bull Music

On the Red Bull Music channel, they recently featured the story about the song Boogie Down Bronx by Man Parrish. This track was such a rare beat for us. It was not featured on any of the Street Jam cd’s that were released or at least the ones we had. The first time I heard this song was in a battle I had against a local known bboy. Maybe it was the rarity of it, but we all used to love getting down to this song. It is interesting to see the story behind some of the music we used to get down to.

During my first year of breaking, the music we danced to was nothing like the break beats we dance to today. We used to dance to electro funk music that was rereleased on Street Jams cd’s. These cd’s would feature all different 80’s artist and their songs. Songs like Planet Rock and Jam On It were the songs that were always being played when guys would break. This is before I ever saw any bboy videos, or got schooled on break beats. Even when we watched movies like Beat Street, and Breakin’ most of the music they played on the movies we’re on these cd’s. I’ve shared many similar stories with bboys from my generation.

RoxRite – In Mexico Preview

My first time in 5 years going back to into the heart of my birthplace, Mexico. Here is a preview of whats to come from this journey. The video was shot and edited by Stance. What a fun weekend going back to Mexcio and getting to see how much the scene has developed. The energy I received from going back was amazing. Hope to make it back sooner then later. Enjoy the clip and tune back in to watch the full video coming out soon.
Want to thank The BBoy Spot for backing this project and Stance for coming out and filming the project.

Mi primera vez en 5 anos que regreso a Mexico para un evento the baile. Aquí esta un avance al video que vamos a sacar en unas semanas sobre el viaje a Mexico. Fue una gran fin de semana, y la energía que recibe fue increíble. Gracias a todos los bboys/bgirls de Mexico por el apoyo que me ensenaron en este viaje. Ogala regresare muy pronto. Disfruten el video y sigan regresando para ver el video actual en unas semanas.


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Betwn TheBrks Presents BoogeyMan

Here is Betwn TheBrks new feature on BoogeyMan from Freakshow. It was filmed and edited by Christopher Woon. Great feature so check it out and see the commitment and passion BoogeyMan has for Breaking and his Jiu Jitsu Much respect and wishing him all the success.

Follow along and subscribe to their youtube channel as they will be releasing new content coming to you directly from our scene. Told by the ones that live it, we must control our own and present it to the world.


Break’N Reality Season 2 coming soon..


Break’N Reality Season 2 is going to be released soon. Be sure to keep an ear out and tune in to follow the likes of Kid David, Ronnie, Jeskilz and myself RoxRite. It was an incredible experience being a part of season 1. They captured a very special moment in my life. So to be back for season 2 of Break’N Reality was a pleasure. This time around you get to see 4 different perspectives on living from our passion. They say the best job you could ever have, is the one your passionate about. It is true because it will not feel like something you have to do.
So tune in and make sure to keep an ear out for its release.

Here are some photos from behind the scenes. All these photos we’re provided by director Max Haidbauer and came from his blog. So check it out and see all the behind the scenes imagery there.

RoxRite in San Diego

Kid David



Post Red Bull BC One 2014


The groomsman

with the Director Max

Rooftop chillin

Kid David & RoxRite after rocking Circle Industry Austria

Part of the team that brought you Break’N Reality


Renegades Takes KGB 15 year Anni

Just want to congratulate my crew Renegades on winning in Taiwan. Always proud to see the guys go somewhere and take home the crown. Your crew has to be deep in terms of skill and bboys. You don’t always want to rely on the same guys to do all the battles. A more well rounded crew will always be harder to battle and defeat. There are some real dope crews out there as well that can go out and handle battles. Much respect.

Here is a highlight video so feel free to share.


World BBoy Series : Undisputed


United we stand divided we fall.. Here is a big announcement! 8 of the biggest events in the world have come together to create a champions battle at the end of the year. The World BBoy Series, Undisputed! It will be a 1 on 1 battle where the 8 one on one winners of Freestyle Session Worldwide, Red Bull BC One, The Notorious IBE Fanpage, Chelles Battlepro, Outbreak Europe, R16 KOREA, Battle Of The Year, UK B-Boy Championships, will get a shot at each other and be crowned as champion of champions.

To be honest this is a major step up in the community. All the biggest events coming together and building something for the bboys/bgirls to work for. There is a new challenge and the question is who is going to take this title home. People ask whats next in breaking or where it will be in 5 years. With something like this coming together it is showing us there is big opportunities for the future. We all have to elevate ourselves skill wise and professionally.

Good luck to every one this year.


Hip Hop Do’s & Don’ts – Jam Prizes


Hip Hop Do’s & Don’ts – Jam Prizes

How many battles have you won?? I’m sure many of us have got a few under our belt. It’s not easy but it can be done. So usually when winning a battle you are given some kind of prize. Now don’t get it wrong it is always appreciated to receive something and we know it is not easy putting on events for promoters. Have you ever won something and wondered why they even gave you the prize?
Sometimes it seems as if vendors just throw whatever leftovers they have to give away. If you want your brand to be seen then make sure you give the winners something they will want to wear or share. A lot of promoters do a good job of making sure the prizes are put together well. There are many funny stories that we have heard, but here is one that we hope you will enjoy. It is based on a true story so please check it out, share and enjoy.

What’s the weirdest prize you won?? Feel free to share your story and leave it in the comments.

Also this is a skit and we are not professional actors we are just trying to give a message. haha


Hip Hop’s Do’s & Don’ts – Eboys


So here is a play around video Saso and myself came up with called Hip Hop’s Do’s & Don’ts. With our first episode we jump straight to address the modern day E-boy. Hope to not offend any eboys, it is a joke with some truth to it. Many of the comments you see on youtube videos are straight comedy. Some can be real honest comments but other are just non sense with no fact behind them.

We hope you enjoy the video and i’m sure some of you will understand. We will hopefully be bringing you more and more content when we have the time.


Bedlam Jam Champs

Here is a video of a battle Renegades won over the weekend. It was good to get down with the crew again. Battling along side Kid David, Tony Styles and 2 new prospects Mike and Marthy Mcfly. Its always interesting getting down with the guys but got to #85 and with some good battles through the night. Thanks to the crew for helping me get one step closer to the goal. Shout out to the crews we battled and making us work for it.

Here are some photos as well provided by Emajyn

IMG_4445 2

Tony Styles

Kid David