BOTY 2009 Review! This year I have been invited to Battle of the Year 20th anniversary! This event h

BOTY 2009 Review!

This year I have been invited to Battle of the Year 20th anniversary! This event has had some legendary battles in the past. I remember when I first saw my first Battle of the Year.  It was BOTY 1995 when Enemy Squad battled The Family in the final. I first saw it in 96. That’s where I saw one of my first big inspirations. Thunder from Enemy Squad was doing some amazing stuff and it was just different and ill. That was the first video I saw outside of movies like Beat Street. Finally I get to experience it first hand. I personally wanted to make it there for the battles.

Now that it’s all said and done. BOTY was an experience for me! A good one! I have never been to an event like this one. As far as magnitude, there is a few events but the amount of people there to watch the battles was crazy.

Now down to what went down from one on ones to the crew battles. In the one on ones the competition level was really high. It could of really gone to anyone. Based on some of the decisions it felt like it was about getting the crowd and just going big. As far as my battles I won my first round and lost in the second. I lacked energy after watching the footage I can understand why I didn’t advance which is cool with me. Personally I felt like I never stood a chance with some of the judges. Knowing this I still entered. Quick point of advice don’t enter if you don’t agree with the judges on what battles should be judged on. But business is business I gave my word that I would do it, so I couldn’t back out. In the end Lilou from France won! A big congrats to him!

The last day came finally! BOTY 20th year anniversary! I had to judge the crew shows and then the battles.

As far as the shows, Top 9(Defending Champs Russia), Gambler (Korea), All Area (Japan), and Phaze T(France) advanced. Best show went to Japan. I’ve read some comments on how certain crews shouldn’t of advanced. Based on the all the judges we all scored them and that’s just what the turn out was. Some shows lacked in certain fields. According to the system they have that’s what we ended up getting. I felt they deserved it personally.

The first battle was Gambler vs Phaze T. Good entertaining battle. I felt Gambler led in the beginning then Phaze T started to comeback in the middle but eventually made to many mistakes to take the win. Gambler advanced to the final for the second time at BOTY.

As far as the other semi-final battle was Top 9 vs All Area. This was a very good battle and it was close. In this battle Japan jumped to start the battle. This was the  rematch from the final at R16. What I felt in this battle was that Russia just responded properly to counter japans rounds. It was still close though. If you base it on the battle factor for sure Top 9 won. Not by much but they hands down won. They had the eye of the tiger.

After the battle the crowd didn’t agree so they boo’d. If its towards the judges cool Ill handle my shit if you don’t agree and you got something to prove. Holla.. but to boo Top 9 was wack. Ive been in the same shoes so I know the feeling it’s a bit discouraging.  I felt it lead into the final battle. When they called them out to battle they continued to boo.

You can see it in the way they danced in the beginning of the final battle. It took a few rounds to fully shake it off.

The Final was good. It was closer then it felt to people but it was good. I think the right decision was made in this battle. They lost that fire in their eye in this battle. Gambler didn’t so it went their way. Congrats to both crews for reaching the finals and congrats to Gambler for being the second crew to win 2 BOTY.  Only other crew to do so was Battle Squad.

Here’s some picks from the trip! R16 1 ON 1 FINAL BATTLE 2009 on Vimeo (via Vimeo) RoxRite vs Lagea

R16 1 ON 1 FINAL BATTLE 2009 on Vimeo (via Vimeo)

RoxRite vs Lageat

Shout out to 7 Shadows for filming it!

This was the final battle of the R-16 Solo category. It was a fun final battle. I felt like this was an important battle for me to win. Since I have been in the finals of both Uk Champs, and BCone, I didnt want to be 1 for 2 in these kind of events. So it was a good accomplishment for me.


Reading many posts about people teaming up with people they know to battle is now a reason to complain on these bboy boards. This generation has had it to easy and now they want to make it easier for themselves by complaining that super crews shouldnt be allowed to battle. haha This is what steppin up your game means. I was there before myself. I would always ride for my crew regardless. I even turned down renegades when i was first asked to join them. I said no thanks I got my crew still SUB-4 I was 17 then. Sub-4 was the crew that I got put on this real hip hop bboy tip by (Our crew stood for Straight Up BBoys 4 elements of Hip Hop).  We won many battles and lost some to. Its part of being with a REAL crew. I grew up with these guys. We went to school together we lived in the same town. Partied, battled at school dances, or wherever our rivals would be. This is what a REAL crew should be based on. If cats want to keep it REAL. Honestly though those crews that still have their members from when they came up. I want to say mad RESPECT for that. You crews need to appreciate that!

Back to my post. We didnt have recruits from other cities. Everyone in the crew had some kind of tie. Through family or friends.

Eventually I did get down with Renegades. We all have dreams and things we want to do. Some people have other things they want to do in life. Nothing wrong with that. Thats just the way life is. Once I got in Renegades it was the same thing. Some members were down others werent. Many came and left but a few of us were still there. During all this time I had a job. I was far away from making a living off of BBoyn which ain’t easy.

So what im getting at is that if you are not in those peoples shoes dont speak. You dont walk the same path. This is what some of us make a living off of. This what some of us gotta do. Plain and simple. We live off this. Thats the sacrifice we have to make. Event then though you gotta have a standard on who you battle with. You just cant battle with a bunch of random people all the time. Have some kind of relation with the people you battle with. Dont just jump around teams. Or at least I speak for myself because i have been in battles where I had to team up with other cats not in my crew. Or even came together with other crews.

Im not trying to justify on why there should be or shouldnt be super crews. Im just speaking on the dancer’s behalf that have had to enter battles with people. We dont know what they gotta do we dont share the same shoes. So why judge them? or jump to conclusions.

Going down in Denver September 12th!! BBoy Battle!

Going down in Denver September 12th!! BBoy Battle!