Hip Hop’s Do’s & Don’ts – Eboys


So here is a play around video Saso and myself came up with called Hip Hop’s Do’s & Don’ts. With our first episode we jump straight to address the modern day E-boy. Hope to not offend any eboys, it is a joke with some truth to it. Many of the comments you see on youtube videos are straight comedy. Some can be real honest comments but other are just non sense with no fact behind them.

We hope you enjoy the video and i’m sure some of you will understand. We will hopefully be bringing you more and more content when we have the time.


Bedlam Jam Champs

Here is a video of a battle Renegades won over the weekend. It was good to get down with the crew again. Battling along side Kid David, Tony Styles and 2 new prospects Mike and Marthy Mcfly. Its always interesting getting down with the guys but got to #85 and with some good battles through the night. Thanks to the crew for helping me get one step closer to the goal. Shout out to the crews we battled and making us work for it.

Here are some photos as well provided by Emajyn

IMG_4445 2

Tony Styles

Kid David



A year in photos 2013

A little late but never too late. Here is a photographic journey. 2013 was a busy year traveling around the world. 21 countries and a lifetime of great memories. Aside from Breaking I have been learning photography. It has been 3 years of learning but I’m still an amateur. Something fun to do and learn. Meeting so many cool photographers around the world that do this as their craft. It motivates me to learn more and more. So this is a year in photos of some cool locations. Honestly I wish I would of took more, but still learning.

San Diego MTS trains by night.

Red Square Moscow Russia.

Golden Gate by night.

BBoy Keebz freezing

Bahrain by night World Trade Center Building

Egyptian outside cafe

Giza Plateau

Amman Citadel Jordan

Singapore Solar Trees

Dubai Desert

Lone Rider Seoul South Korea


Malaysian Street Art

Flat Top Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Dreams by Strife

Here is a video that was put together by Strife. Your dreams are what keeps you pushing forward to accomplish more in life. Just remember for dreams to become a reality it takes a lot of work. You will fail many times over but if you don’t know that feeling then the feeling of succeeding wouldn’t be as rewarding. Really enjoyed the voice over because it was moving.

Enjoy and shout out to Strife for doing this.


RoxFreezeFrame Contest Winners Are..


Last week for the Holiday myself along with the support of one of my sponsors, Biggest & Baddest. Decided to have a freeze photo contest on Instagram. I just wanted to show an appreciation to all the support I have received for the year. So in return the contestants would get some prizes. Honestly the response was huge with over 1000 photos added to the #roxfreezeframe hashtag. I was suppose to announce the winners yesterday but due to the overwhelming response I wasn’t able to pick just 2 winners. We decided it was best to give out 4 prizes so a 3rd and 4th prize winners were added. I just want to say thank you to everyone and thanks for taking part in this fun contest. So many cool freezes and creative freezes. I hope everyone uses them in there dance and not just their photos!

The winners are
1st: Mikeofsteel

2nd: BBoyTheCurse

3rd: Nicotheneato

4th: BgirlFlix

All the winners please email me at roxrite@roxriterepresents.com

Thank you to everyone who took part!
and thanks to Biggest & Baddest for sponsoring the contest!


RoxRite and Biggest & Baddest Freeze Frame Contest


It is the Holiday Season and since it is the giving season. As a way to give back too all my supporters and people that follow me through this social media stuff. I have decided to put together an Instagram contest along with the support from one of my sponsor Biggest & Baddest.
So here is the idea and rules

@RoxRite95 and @BiggestBaddest Freeze Frame Contest:

#1 Take a pic doing your best freeze
#2 Post picture on INSTAGRAM
#3 Follow @RoxRite95 and @BiggestBaddest
#4 Hashtag #RoxFreezeFrame
Winners will be announced Jan. 1st Winners chosen at Random.
Good luck to all participants.

My advice would be to choose your favorite or signature freeze. Along with cool locations. So scout your city streets.

Thanks for tuning in and good luck! All the best!


RoxRite Trip 2 Asia

Roxright - Action
Photo By Romina Amato

Better late then never here is a clip I edited from my trip to this years Red Bull BC One and FreestyleSession World Finals. In this dance you will never stop learning from the experiences we live through. Went from Seoul to Tokyo on this trip. 10 years ago my first overseas trip was to Japan. 10 years later, back again for the Freestylesession World Finals. For me this was a big one #84 on my chase to 100. After BC One I felt a little disappointed, in myself more then anything. So when it was time to battle at Session I felt like I had to prove something to myself. Ine the end we took home the rings! Just some thoughts so check out the video for some more insight on what went down for me.
A big shout out to Nasty Ray and El Nino for the motivation and for pushing me step it up. Always dope battling with these guys.
Feel free to share if you like!


Music provided By Wicket, and Lean Rock

Breaking at stop lights.. Tijuana

Watched this little piece on some bboys in Tijuana and what they do to make some extra money. I had head before that many bboys in Mexico do this occasionally to make ends meet. Personally I had never seen it before. So this was my first time watching it on video. This goes to show what breaking can do to help some people. This was a very touching piece. Let’s not forget what the power of Hip Hop and breaking can do for people. Also for all these spoiled bboys/bgirls, some just make what they can with what they have. Limitations are only there if you allow them to be.

Respeto para estos bboys!

Time to battle..


The time has come, Red Bull BC One 10 year anniversary is going down November 30th. It has been a busy year filled with great memories and some major steps in my life as well. To finish it off it is time to battle at the champions edition of the Red Bull BC One. What a great way to celebrate 10 years. It is an honor to be a part of one of the 8 returning champs. You can’t forget the winners of this years qualifiers either, each one of them worked their way to this position. That’s whats going to make this event such a big accomplishment for the winner. Honestly, I would love to go home champion once again but it will all come down to that day and who is on. I’m definitely trying to be on that day and will give it 110% to make history.

Last year was a big learning experience for myself. Being a champion and traveling to 25 countries that year was plenty. There was not enough time to prepare, and at the same time riding the high of winning. This feeling can definitely soften the hunger mentality a bit. Especially the battle approach. Going into it with a few back injuries and just too many distractions, it was all too much. It kept me from bringing the best one could bring. This is where passing up a battle could of benefited me more, but the fighter in me told me different.

This year was very similar to last year. The difference this time is no back injuries. Manage to change some bad habits i.e. not stretching, dehydration, and dieting. Still though, as a bboy you always have some kind of pain somewhere. So don’t think any one of us is walking in 100%. I’m sure we all suffer from minor to major pains. My approach this year to the battle was to take it back to what was done in 2011. Not exactly the same, of course some minor tweaks to it but it has been a good week of 100 rounds. To be honest about it, it is still a work in progress. Something that will continue, even after BC One. I’m going in there hungry, I am as ready as I can be now. 18 years of experience so it’s time to let loose!

Tune in next week November 30th on the live stream at www.redbullbcone.com

For all my west coast peoples! its going to start at 2am on the 30th! Korea is about 15-16 hours ahead.

Peace out

Free: Break’N Reality


In 2011 the first BBoy Reality Show was shot all around the world. Following 3 bboys Neguin, Lilou and myself through different periods in the year. It was a great learning experience for myself. Never really been into being on the screen or big screen at that. Definitely you learn to appreciate the ability to go in front of a camera and be able to express yourself. It is something that I will forever cherish because it captured something rare and pure in my life. It was a dream come true and it happened when I least expected it to.

Its been two years and now Red Bull has released the full season in 18 separate episodes. So feel free to check em out and tune in.

Every where I’ve traveled people have asked about this show. So now here you have to watch for free. So check it out and share!
Also feel free to ask about the episodes in the comments. I will add another blog answering questions. Here’s the link to the Youtube channel Red Bull Music