Renegade Rockers 30 years


This last weekend my crew, the Renegade Rockers celebrated our 30 year anniversary. The crew was created by two bboys from different crews. OC Silva who at the time was down with Stunt City Rockers and Gizmo who was down with The Eternal Breaking Crew. The two groups joined forces and began to establish themselves through the dance scene in the bay area. That was just the start of what would help redefine the crew with its 90’s generation of recruitments. The 90’s was a new era and the Renegades were at the forefront of the bboy community. These new talents included Wicket, Jazzy Jay, Swae, Manny Styles, Politix, Blue and many more guys that helped reestablish the crew name on a world wide scale. This was the generation of the crew that was a part of an epic battle that is considered to be a game changing battle for the bboy/bgirl community world wide. Renegades against Style Elements at the 1996 Radiotron. Watching the video of this battle was a big eye opener for myself and both crews involved inspiring me to elevate my dance to the next level. It was the battle of a new generation of bboys that hadn’t been seen on an international level.
The 2000’s was a new start for the new crew members as many of the 90’s members stopped being as active in the scene. This group started with Finnesse, D-Rock, OJ (RIP), Epic, Golden Child, Ground Level, Deon, and myself. From this group we began to bring the crew name back into the battle circuit and the scene. This led to the recruitments of new talent such as Kid David, Flexum, Poison, Iron Monkey just to name a few. The rest is history, for me it has been an absolute honor to be a part of this crew and to have helped carry on the legacy.
Major shout out to all the guys!
Thanks to everyone who came and supported and made this a special event for us!
As part of this special date we also got together again with Style Elements and did a Renegades vs Style Elements rematch. Here is the video and enjoy!


7 to Smoke 90’s Edition


7 to smoke battles are hard battles fit for guys that can go rounds. This last weekend 7 to smoke 90’s edition went down in Houston at Break Free. It featured only bboys that started in the 90’s and began to establish their names in the late 90s. Lil John, Lego, Marlon, Ruen, Keebz, Rebirth, Beast and myself. This was a tough battle and a good tester to see where I am at right now. It was an honor to be a part of this battle going head to head with these guys in a one on one format. All of the guys involved have done great things in the scene and have been dancing for no less the 15 years. It goes to show the diversity in the approach of each individual. That is what we all preach, and now you visually have an example of what we are talking about.


Peace to Outbreak – RoxRite Video Diary


This last weekend The BBoy Spot hosted it’s last Outbreak in the USA. I can’t believe it has been 10 years already. It’s funny because the same weekend, 10 years ago I won my first international battle. It is interesting to see what has been accomplished in the last decade. I heard about Outbreak for the first in 2005, Drock and myself were planning on going to battle but in the end it fell through. The following year, Kid David and myself went to battle and attend the event. Since then we always tried to make our way there as often as we could. Outbreak was always a good experience. From just catching wreck in the circles to the battles. There was always some top level battlers and that’s what made it a hard jam. It was well balanced in terms of cyphers and competition. It really provided a platform for bboys like myself here in the US to highlight their skill. While other events are more concerned with the staging, Outbreak was kept in a circle, so you could just feel the vibe of battling in a cypher. It was small with hardly any space for routines. That’s the point you don’t go to a battle expecting a 20 by 20 floor. Outbreak definitely helped highlight some of what I represented. I want to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to show my ability. This last one was epic, one for the books. I am glad to have been there and glad to be apart of the celebration! From battling with Nasty Ray to winning the event twice with Kid David and the battle with Focus. All great memories from Outbreak! Thank you to the BBoy Spot, Biggest and Baddest and Mex!

Much Respect

shout out to Bobbi Vie , Nasty Ray, and Tim Pethel

Music By Archnemesis

Bboy Menno interview


During the week at the Red Bull Dance Academy, there was the opportunity to link up and build with some talented individuals. I ended up catching up with Menno and asked him a few questions regarding his story, battle approach, dance approach and any advice for young bboys. It is up to us to spread the message or at least a good one for bboys/bgirls to learn from. The same week we ended up going to UK together where he took home his 2nd UK bboy championships title a feat that only 2 other bboys have done. Much respect to Menno fohit among the time doing the interview. Make sure to check out his blog

So check it out and if there is anyone you would like to see interviewed drop a comment.


Red Bull BC One Champions Portraits


Since this year the Red Bull BC One is celebrating its 10th year anniversary, to make it special all the Champions will come back for another shot. Who will be the one? we wont know until November 30th. For now they are releasing a portrait video for every past champion. So far they have released all the winners up to 2010. This week they released the portrait of myself. We still got a ways to go but the preparation has already began. The end goal is to go into this battle feeling as good as possible. Check it out and feel free to share.

Basic Freeze Tutorial

Here is a small tutorial put together for developing bboys. After judging many events through the last few years, I noticed the same freezes being done around the world. How? If there is so many freezes in the dance and so many that havent been done. The freeze is an original bboy move, from the most recognized freezes the chair. Which I consider to be one of the most important freezes in breaking. That reason being that the position you are in is extreme on the body. Learning how to get in and out of it will open up your style and physical understanding on how to use your body from and open position to a closed position. Same for when you start going to the handstand position, or elbow or head. They are all different dynamics of freeze transitions.

I kept the tutorial very basic so you can just see a small combo of a basic freezes. I didnt want to show you how to use the freezes but rather just see them and then you yourself finding ways to use them. Also you can add your own twist to each freeze.

The ending part of the clip I want to be clear on. It will take sometime for you to feel comfortable being on your weak hand. Something you will have to play with for a bit. It is definitely worth it, the more natural you look on both hands the better you will become at using transitions in your moves.




Yo! MTV Raps mini doc…

Ran across this little documentary online about the Influence Yo! MTV Raps had when it was airing on tv. Back when MTV actually played music. This brought back memories to when I was a kid growing up in Sonoma County. Having a older brother who was in High School in the early 90’s definitely opened my ears to music. He used to have a bit of everything and this is when Hip Hop music entered my life. He would come home with Tribe Called Quest, Cypress Hill, Paris, Black Sheep, De La Soul, Naughty by Nature, I mean the list goes on and on. I would always take his CD’s and scam through them to see what songs I liked. I was around 10 years old when all this new music started to come into my life. I also remember being influenced by the clothing I would see in the videos. Before I wore dickies, chucks, and flannels. I was wearing baggy jeans with hoodies and whatever clothes I would take from my brother. Just what made me feel like what I saw. It wasnt til the late 90’s that started to get more into the bboy style fashion. This is before companies started making “Urban” apparel. Now it is a market and I still trip out that I actually got to live that before it became what it is now.


Red Bull BC One Champions Edition


So for the 10 year anniversary of the Red Bull BC. They are inviting the previous 8 champions to go head to head with 6 regional champions and 2 wild card guests. The line up looks intense and I am looking forward to getting another shot at the Red Bull BC One. This time around I plan on making some major changes in my dance and training. It is about to get real serious these next couple of months. Last year I was hurt and it was disappointing not being able to do exactly what I wanted in the battles. From lower back to upper back muscle pains, I am working on not having none of that so that I feel confident going into this one. If there was ever a battle that would be worth it all it is this one.

From Omar to Mounir this is the one I will have to give my all too. No second chances so follow along for the journey! 4 months away and the journey has started.


Peep the video.




Definition of Success

Here is a short video where they ask different musicians about their definition of success. It is interesting to hear their views on being a successful musician. For me it, it got me thinking about being a successful bboy. What do you consider a successful bboy. Breaking is one of the hardest fields to make a career out of. I have been trying at it for a while now and while I have been able to do it, it has been a hard thing to do. Being able to accept your position in life and what comes with attempting to make a living from what we do is the first step. Once you have done that you gotta have the drive and discipline to push forward and make the necessary sacrifices in the distractions of everyday social life. For me you gotta think longevity, this dance doesnt pay millions for being a one hit wonder so take your time and develop yourself as solid as possible.

None the less cool video and good views being expressed that can translate to being a bboy.



Freestylesession USA Finals Champs!


After weeks of traveling I finally got the opportunity to get back on the floor. It was that time again, time to battle it out again. This time I got to battle at Freestylesession USA Finals. The winner was getting a shot for the World Finals happening in Japan later this year. They had a bunch of pre qualifiers around the US so a bunch of good crews came out. Over all the whole weekend was dope, with all the events happening. Cypher Adikts, Freestylesession, and the Red Bull BC One Orlando Cypher.


Photo By Hypephotography

This turned out to be #83 on the chase to 100! I want to give a major shout out to El Nino and Nasty Ray for holding it down and getting me one step closer to the dream. It was tough for me with the jet lag and lack of sleep during the week. I almost backed out last minute but found out Fleou who was suppose to battle with us got hurt. Then it was time to step up to the plate and rep. The first day was a tough run, I found myself feeling fatigued. Day 2 was tough as well, with judging and battling the same day. We ended up battling Freakshow, Havikore Techniques, and Dynasty Motion Disorders in the final. Props to the crews for putting it on the line. In the end I stuck to what I know and did what I could, the goal was not make mistakes. The final battle was hyped and it was good to have a hard exchange with these guys. Here is the final battle so enjoy!