The Checkmate Experience..

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Been busy on the go this last month. I am currently on the last day of the tour! Time to get back home and reset my life.

At the start of the tour I was in Austria for a week teaching and judging. The main event of the trip was to battle at Circle industry and Checkmate. After not battling together for a few years as Squadron we decided it was time to get back together and do what we do best. Battling under the rules at Checkmate makes you think harder and strategize. Its not easy but it takes you back to the basics of a battle. Understanding your members strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has to play their role and come out and do their part. You also have to take risks. It reminded me of the way I battled with my first crew back when I first started. Overall it was a fun experience and enjoyed the concept for the battles.



Photos by MG the Bboy Spot Europe


Called out..

Heres the video from last night at Show Me Stylez in St Louis. After the final battle we got called out by the crew we voted against. It has been a long time since this has happened but in the way it went down I gotta say it was a lot of fun. It started heated but as it went on, the point proven by both sides was that we let our dancing do the talking. It’s ok to disagree and sometimes you prove your point through battling. It is the natural way of our dance. Enjoy the battle and I gotta give a shout out to Moy and Waka for being in this too.
It was funny because Moy and myself have been in this situation before. 10 years ago hahaha always dope and good moments. Shit got me motivated!

Shout out to Crooks Crew for keeping it dance!

Peace and respect


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There was a battle held in Los Angeles called BBoyz N the Hood. Having planned on entering it with Kid David, he was not able to make it out. After arriving I ran into Mike the Cure form Knuckleheadz Cali. He asked me if I was down to enter. After thinking about it, i said fuck it lets jump in it.
It had been nearly 4 months since I had competed in a battle. The BC one was the last time I battled in a competition. After Brazil I had planned to take a month off breaking to let my back heal. After the month was up, it was time to start training physically and working on my core. For about a month I hit the gym and worked out. From cardio to weights, nothing to crazy just enough to build my back, back up and strengthen my weaknesses. Then came the breaking, it always comes down to doing what you actually do.

Here are photos and videos from the battles that happened at BBoyz N the Hood last weekend.
Shout out to Mike the Cure for entering with me.

Photography by Emajyn

From Russia..

A glimpse into the recent trip I had to Russia. It was my first time back since the 2011 Red Bull BC one finals. This was my first trip overseas since December. Having had a good break to rest up and heal my injuries. I went to Russia feeling better. During the tour I definitely got down a bunch and had some good times. It was good to be back in Russia and meet up with all the Russian bboys alongside Lilou.


The Calamity Corner

This week after arriving from Costa Rica. BBoy Lancer from The Calamities asked if i would be down to do an interview for his webisodes The Calamity Corner. His approach on these interviews is to get deep into the bboy style and our personal approach. We had a long conversation about many things and issues as well. Feel free to check it out and share it.

Words with Yan

While touring Russia I had the chance to catch up with a lot bboys and people. Some good memories and thanks for the support everyone showed!

I also had a chance to stop by where Yan from All the Most teaches. I got to interview him and ask him a few questions. Thanks for the time Yan and hope everyone enjoys it.

This is my second interview, I think its important to hear some of these bboys’ stories and get an idea from different aspects of this world wide community.
Excuse the length but its valuable to let each individual speak with out a cut off.


Practice in Moscow

Here is a clip of Lilou and myself messing around for a few hours. It was good to get a session in between all the stuff we have scheduled. Good times for sure enjoy the clip and thanks to Malice from Ill Flow for shooting it.


February 9th-Bay Area Workshop


Next Saturday February 9th I will be teaching a workshop in San Francisco. It will be my first workshop in SF in 4 years. Its been a while! If you are interested it will be going down from 2:30- 4pm as City Dance Studio.

This is my new workshop that I have been teaching all around the globe. It will be the first time teaching it in the bay! So come on through!!
This class is based on practice exercises that will help students expand on their creativity and fundamentals. It is an advanced class for bboys/bgirls so come ready to get down and get pushed to a new limit. From footwork to freezes to power. This will not be a 5,6,7,8 class.

Here is the Facebook link

Time 2:30-4PM

Fee: $20

32 Otis st San Francisco, CA


A conversation with Wicket…


This last weekend while visiting Canada for Big Trouble Little Vancouver. I had the privilege to link up with a good friend/crew mate of mine, Wicket!
I wanted to ask him a few questions from coming up in the 90’s to going pro at an early age and his experiences and advice.
Wicket to me was an inspiration and influenced when I got in Renegades. The first time I saw him was in Radiotron 96 and from there on he just got iller and iller. I had the privilege of battling him in the late 90’s. To me he represented that true bboy image in a time when not everyone was on that mind set. One of the first from his generation to have a fresh bboy style mixed with really good power combos. A rare thing even today.

Just wanna give him my respects.
Hope you enjoy the interview