Definition of Success

Here is a short video where they ask different musicians about their definition of success. It is interesting to hear their views on being a successful musician. For me it, it got me thinking about being a successful bboy. What do you consider a successful bboy. Breaking is one of the hardest fields to make a career out of. I have been trying at it for a while now and while I have been able to do it, it has been a hard thing to do. Being able to accept your position in life and what comes with attempting to make a living from what we do is the first step. Once you have done that you gotta have the drive and discipline to push forward and make the necessary sacrifices in the distractions of everyday social life. For me you gotta think longevity, this dance doesnt pay millions for being a one hit wonder so take your time and develop yourself as solid as possible.

None the less cool video and good views being expressed that can translate to being a bboy.



Freestylesession USA Finals Champs!


After weeks of traveling I finally got the opportunity to get back on the floor. It was that time again, time to battle it out again. This time I got to battle at Freestylesession USA Finals. The winner was getting a shot for the World Finals happening in Japan later this year. They had a bunch of pre qualifiers around the US so a bunch of good crews came out. Over all the whole weekend was dope, with all the events happening. Cypher Adikts, Freestylesession, and the Red Bull BC One Orlando Cypher.


Photo By Hypephotography

This turned out to be #83 on the chase to 100! I want to give a major shout out to El Nino and Nasty Ray for holding it down and getting me one step closer to the dream. It was tough for me with the jet lag and lack of sleep during the week. I almost backed out last minute but found out Fleou who was suppose to battle with us got hurt. Then it was time to step up to the plate and rep. The first day was a tough run, I found myself feeling fatigued. Day 2 was tough as well, with judging and battling the same day. We ended up battling Freakshow, Havikore Techniques, and Dynasty Motion Disorders in the final. Props to the crews for putting it on the line. In the end I stuck to what I know and did what I could, the goal was not make mistakes. The final battle was hyped and it was good to have a hard exchange with these guys. Here is the final battle so enjoy!


Catching up with Nasty Ray

8513894779_8e9f9272cb_hA different Breaking scene.


People are different everywhere you go. Breaking is the same, it’s different everywhere you go. The scene is growing worldrwide in many ways. I personally would say the scene in the US has been growing, community wise rather then financially. There’s a few I notice like The Bboy Spot in Florida, The Beacon In Seattle, and FutureArtsNow in San Jose. This is a great thing, people that actually know each other working together.  Worldwide I have noticed the scene’s growth financially. Having great giant events sponsored by brand names, flying US dancers out on the regular. I love to complain, but in reality breaking is in a good place right now. Compare dancing to a lot of other sports and activities. No one is angry over an airflare, nobody is dying over dancing. Dancing, especially breaking is a real beautiful and creative expression.


What is it like being an independent artist like Nasty Ray?


Being an independent artist/dancer in America is extremely difficult.  I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone and I never intended to do it myself, which is a good thing because I naturally got here and naturally finding yourself is the way to go. Further more people need a perspective about dancers. Let me say this, most arts: painting, writing, singing, etc… besides dancing have a product.  You can sell a painting, you can sing a song, you can write poetry and design clothing. All these things can be produced, copied, branded, and sold. Dancing…. how can you sell a dance move? How do you copyright your movement? This is a great struggle, which in turn will humble you or ultimately lead you to quit dancing all in all. I’ll leave you with some words of advice. “Find yourself through what you love doing”



Do you think we are like modern day renaissance men? Do you agree?


We are Renaissance men. I would say yes, but one of the “problems/freedoms” (good n bad always go hand in hand) of being a dance/breaker is we have no clear successful examples of what to do financially to live. We are freestyling our lives, making a path that has never been paved. This is true freedom.


Being experienced in the industry and being in the streets? What’s the difference?


I wouldn’t say Im from the “streets”. I grew up in my grandma’s house dancing in the living room, at a dance school, in a garage, at school, everywhere. That was the approach I took. I danced everywhere. I was constantly dancing. When you’re always dancing, you’re always going to be ready to express yourself fully. That’s what it was about, showing how you feel through your dance to your friends. The industry was not about this. I would say the industry attempts to make you dance for different reasons, money/connections/money/money…. When something makes you do something else for different reasons, you change. For myself,  I still work in the industry every once in awhile. I work with my friends. REAL friends not “Facebook friends”. Not a guy that can talk to you and keep in contact better than the usual guy. I work everywhere and am willing to work with my homies or work for work and get paid properly. All in all you have to go through “the changes” and through the “streets”  there’s no short cut in dancing, it’s HARD! That’s what I love about it.



What’s 1nspirationisfree and what are you doing with it?


1nspirationisfree is dance, it’s free. It only takes 1 person to inspire you to do something. How much is inspiration? There is no price on freedom. Sorry, I got alittle deep there. 🙂 I believe the dance scene needs more ideas, more inspiration and that’s what my site/brand gives.  A shirt may cost $25 which is not free, but the messages and more importantly the movement in dance behind that is most def free. Feel the freedom! HipHop! <3


Random advice?

Work with your true friends, rather then working with someone soley interested in your “breakdance” that knows how to talk the talk, and always make it nasty!





Thank you,
Raymond “NastyRay” Mora



After a 3 week tour from Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand I am back and ready for another journey.

Here are some showcases I did while traveling. Showcases are never really my thing and hard to take serious. Usually it’s like lights are on, go!!  There is no time to build up your vibe and get loose. Here are 2 videos of 2 different type of showcases. One straight to the point, and the other getting down with people. It’s funny because I prefer to get down in the dark circles where there are no lights shining. The lights shining on you and everyone starring is just a weird feeling. The expectations are for you to blow it up. Not my style! Peep the clips



5 quick points…

Here is an article that Red Bull Malaysia did for the BC One Cypher that happened last weekend! For all you up and coming kids here are some pointers for you!

BBoy Roxrite - Portrait

Photo By Mark Teo

Roxrite shares 5 tips Malaysian breakers should take seriously.

Internationally-renown B-Boy, Omar Delgado or better known to the world as ROXRITE is currently down in Malaysia to judge the one-on-one 2013 Red Bull BC One Malaysia Cypher. Amidst Roxrite’s tight schedule, we manage to catch the multiple-title winning B-Boy (82 titles to be exact) and have him spill the beans on what makes a true champion in the Red Bull BC One arena. Being a Red Bull BC One 2011 World Champion, Roxrite gives us the heads up on what you should focus on.


Know your moves and keep your moves tight. You can’t afford to mess up! ‘Nuff said.


You need to truly understand the art of battling to win a battle. This comes with practice and experience.

…we usually battle until someone quits.

Battle more outside of competitions where you’re free from pre-set up rules and time limits – that’s the best way to practice. When we do it in the streets or clubs, we usually battle until someone quits. It helps.


Hit the music correctly, don’t sway and go out of beat. Stick with the rhythm, groove with the music’s energy. You don’t have to compromise on speed but you MUST stay on beat.

BBoy Roxrite - Portrait

Photo By Gee Chee Minh


Develop your own power /signature moves, something you can call your own. In the bigger picture of things, you need to leave a mark in breaking, even if it’s one little move. Don’t do what everyone else is doing.


I understand that the Red Bull BC One consists of 9 rounds per battle, but you must be able to do at least 20 good rounds on any good day, effortlessly. If you can’t, you need to practice.

Use your biggest moves; don’t keep it for last – that’s how you lose.

Red Bull BC One is looking for the best talent in the world. If you make it through the Malaysian qualifiers, you’ll be up against Asia’s best where you’ll be forced to go hard. Use your biggest moves; don’t keep it for last – that’s how you lose. Use your power moves and down the line, have new stuff, new content. Control your moment and make sure you wow every chance you get.

BBoy Roxrite - Performance


Photo by Gee Chee Minh

Article written by Red Bull Malaysia.

On The Road 2013

After a busy month on the go and living out of my luggage. I was able to sit down and edit a new clip from my month long journey. 4 weeks 5 countries, battles, workshops, judging, photoshoots, video shoots the list goes on. The one thing that makes this all worth it is the inspiration you get from meeting people and experiencing these new places.

The clip is made up of Austria, Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon, and Jordan. In Austria I got to partner with Kid David for the 2 on 2  Circle Industry and the rest of the Squadron members for the Checkmate crew battle. It is always inspiring and moving to get down with the guys. From there I went on a 3 week tour to the middle east where I got to see some amazing places and along the way get down with some locals. This vid is just a re-cap of all of that.




Camera man for the event was Nasty Ray, MK, MG and for the non event shots myself. haha

Music: School- Masta Kills, Time is Now- BBoy Wicket, One Man Army – BBoy Wicket

Hit wicket up at

The Checkmate Experience..

_C2A5777 _C2A5794 _C2A5823 _C2A5831 _C2A5840 _C2A5849 _C2A5856 _C2A6160 _C2A6298


Been busy on the go this last month. I am currently on the last day of the tour! Time to get back home and reset my life.

At the start of the tour I was in Austria for a week teaching and judging. The main event of the trip was to battle at Circle industry and Checkmate. After not battling together for a few years as Squadron we decided it was time to get back together and do what we do best. Battling under the rules at Checkmate makes you think harder and strategize. Its not easy but it takes you back to the basics of a battle. Understanding your members strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has to play their role and come out and do their part. You also have to take risks. It reminded me of the way I battled with my first crew back when I first started. Overall it was a fun experience and enjoyed the concept for the battles.



Photos by MG the Bboy Spot Europe


Called out..

Heres the video from last night at Show Me Stylez in St Louis. After the final battle we got called out by the crew we voted against. It has been a long time since this has happened but in the way it went down I gotta say it was a lot of fun. It started heated but as it went on, the point proven by both sides was that we let our dancing do the talking. It’s ok to disagree and sometimes you prove your point through battling. It is the natural way of our dance. Enjoy the battle and I gotta give a shout out to Moy and Waka for being in this too.
It was funny because Moy and myself have been in this situation before. 10 years ago hahaha always dope and good moments. Shit got me motivated!

Shout out to Crooks Crew for keeping it dance!

Peace and respect


IMG_4082 IMG_0985 IMG_1801 IMG_5281 IMG_6894

There was a battle held in Los Angeles called BBoyz N the Hood. Having planned on entering it with Kid David, he was not able to make it out. After arriving I ran into Mike the Cure form Knuckleheadz Cali. He asked me if I was down to enter. After thinking about it, i said fuck it lets jump in it.
It had been nearly 4 months since I had competed in a battle. The BC one was the last time I battled in a competition. After Brazil I had planned to take a month off breaking to let my back heal. After the month was up, it was time to start training physically and working on my core. For about a month I hit the gym and worked out. From cardio to weights, nothing to crazy just enough to build my back, back up and strengthen my weaknesses. Then came the breaking, it always comes down to doing what you actually do.

Here are photos and videos from the battles that happened at BBoyz N the Hood last weekend.
Shout out to Mike the Cure for entering with me.

Photography by Emajyn

From Russia..

A glimpse into the recent trip I had to Russia. It was my first time back since the 2011 Red Bull BC one finals. This was my first trip overseas since December. Having had a good break to rest up and heal my injuries. I went to Russia feeling better. During the tour I definitely got down a bunch and had some good times. It was good to be back in Russia and meet up with all the Russian bboys alongside Lilou.