The Spy Award

While being on the road during my 52 day journey, there was a moment when everything slowed down. This moment was at IBE. During the footwork battles Crazy Leggs stopped by and presented me with the Spy Award. It was an absolute honor to receive this award, for the accomplishments and dedication put into this scene that I love. Being recognized for this award was a surprise and a special moment not only my career but in my life.

A little history of the man behind the award. Spy is a legendary bboy from the 70’s who was down with the Crazy Commandoes. Spy was also known as “The Man With A Thousand Moves”. He is responsible for innovating moves that became part of our foundation. From six step to swipes he had many moves and made them look different from the stories I have heard.
As a kid coming up in this dance, my crew was heavily inspired by Rock Steady in the mid 90’s. We had a lot of influence from their style of bboyn. When we started doing more research on the history of the dance we kept hearing his name Spy the man with a thousand moves. Hearing that name, it inspired myself to be as well rounded as possible. I wanted to be the next kid with a thousand moves!
Even though we have never met, my respects go out to him for what he innovated and did in the scene.


Photos provided by Jungth from Korean Roc-Thank you

Some thoughts.. IBE Battles!

Photo by Nika Kramer

For the first time in the 2 year history of the Red Bull BC One All Stars, We went to battle as one crew. It all went down at the Notorious IBE in the legendary All Battles All. Spending most of the year on the road, it was agreed that we would go to IBE and put our name against a hungry Young Gunz Squad and Team France.

The last time we were at IBE was 2 years ago, but that time we were all battling in different squads.
As we entered the floor for our first battle the energy that was in there was moving. We had a warm welcoming and it gave us a push. Battling the Young Gunz was our first time doing this as one unit so some moments were feeling a bit off and some on. We just couldnt catch the groove. Might of been the music or it might of been the feeling of holding back for our later battle. The young Gunz definitely took advantage of that weakness and had some very good moments. Tip my hat off to them and glad to see that there is a strong future in our scene.

The battle with Team France was the one that woke us up. All of us went in knowing that we had to put it all on the line and thats what we did. There we caught our groove and put it all out on the floor!

It was all a learning experience! Shout out to both teams for giving it theyre all. Also a shout out to the crew! We did our thing and held it down! Proud of all of the guys.
Taisuke, Lil G, Ronnie, Pelezhino, Cico, Neguin, Hong 10 and Lilou even though he didnt make it.

Enjoy the battles!

On The Road-India

Here is a clip of my trip to India this time around. I first came here in the summer of 2009. When we came then, there wasn’t as many bboys getting down yet. After this trip I am happy to see the development in the scene. So many people have started Breaking now. It seems like it will continue to grow.
I really want to thank all the bboys out in India for all the love and support. You guys put a smile on my face. It was amazing the amount of support you guys have showed us. I just want to say that I hope you guys learned something new in my classes.
It was a dope time getting down with all the locals in Mumbai, at their practice spot Battle Fort Mumbai.

Thanks again and until next time!

Also a shout out to Cico, Pelezhino, and Neguin for the good times!

Here is the HD link


Loosing the Airflare??

It has been brought to my attention that Gymnastics is trying to take a movement that was created and innovated in BBoyn. What we call the airflare, they want to rename the move to the Hamminator. Honestly that sounds wack. It is trying to be changed because of the first people that did it in gymnastics. With their last name being Hamm. One thing we cant forget is that Pablo from Soul Control/Climax is the first person to do continuos airlfares. They want to rename the movement into something new to fit their standards. When we use the Flare we still use the term Thomas Flare to recognize where it came from.
Honestly it is up to us the people in the scene to stand up and make a difference. Please Spread the word.

Go to the link below and sign this petition!

Break’N Reality Available on Itunes now!!

It is finally out, Break’N Reality has become a reality! The show has made its way to itunes and it will premiere on Halogen TV in 11 days. It is the first BBoy reality show of its kind. I hope it is a step forward in our community for new opportunities and for others to get something like this as well.
It was a great experience for myself overall. People now get a chance to see the lead up to what was one of the most amazing moments in my breaking career. It all felt like a dream but it was captured and documented in a way I never imagined. Now you get a bit more details into what I do on the regular and see what my life is really like. Also people will get to see what the life of a bboy is like. That is what the goal is, to let the world know we are here and we aint going now where.

Make sure to check out the new trailer as well!
Peace n respect

Crazy Leggs on CNN

I remember watching Crazy Leggs on Beat Street in the summer of 1995! The battle in Beat Street was such an inspiring movie for my friends and myself. I had no idea he still breaked until Ground Level showed me BBoy Summit 95. What a classic tape it definitely was an eye opener. 17 years later and 35 years of him being involved in breaking he has called it a day. One day we must all decide when our time to retire from this dance we love is, I just want to congratulate him on his years in the game.