World Tour pt.1

I am currently on day 8 days of a 52 day tour around the world. Which will cover 7 countries and multiple cities. Everything has been on the go from the moment I left home Last Thursday. I arrived in Slovakia on Friday morning after hours of delays and flight cancelations. Upon arrival we drove straight to the venue of Outbreak 8 World Finals.
For the first time the finals were out of the US, put together by MG and MK of The BBoy Spot Europe. It was a lot of fun being there for 2 days and judging some dope bboys/bgirls along two legends Ken Swift and Freeze. The event held its vibe which is the most important thing when you move your event to a new place. It was filled with people just vibing and cyphering all day. The after parties were official as well. Major props and shout out to the BBoy Spot Europe for doing it right.

Sunday morning after a fresh after party it was time to make my way to my 48th country Sri Lanka!
I was on my way there to meet the Red Bull BC One All Stars Taisuke, Pelezhino and Cico for another 2 days. My first time there was to short but definitely made some good memories and some beautiful landscape!
Currently I am India just got here on Wednsday and with out hesitation the next morning made our way to the Taj Mahal! 2nd time was just as nice!
Here’s some photos from my journey so far!

Interview on


“For a long time, the dance wasn’t respected by the masses,” explains Roxrite. “They had a perception of, ‘Oh, they just throw themselves on the ground and do some spins.’ But the pioneers that paved the way for us to do this now were the ones making sure we’re respected on an international level. You don’t want to throw that away by not being you and representing what b-boying really is.”

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RoxRite on Break’N Reality

Red Bull Media House has been releasing trailers for Break’N Reality on each individual on the show. So far they have released Lilou’s and now it’s my turn. I really enjoyed Lilou’s trailer hope you enjoy this on as well. I am looking forward to seeing Neguin’s trailer, along with the release of the show!

R-16 Solo Trailer

Here is the trailer highlighting all the solo competitors for this years R16 solo battle.
It was fun shooting the clip, the guys we’re mad chill! Peace

Outbreak 6 Battles

Renegades vs Knuckleheads Cali

Renegades vs Lil G and Airdit

The BBoy Spot has been releasing the battles from Outbreak 6 and 7 for free online. So here are 2 of the battles that we did the year we won it.
I think both battles were dope! So hope you like them and enjoy.

In The Circle

Before the term cypher became implemented in our dance, we used to just go and rock the circles. That is what its all about cyphering, hitting up the circles, or vibing whatever you want to call it.

Think about it, before the saturation of competitions it was about going to dance parties and rocking the spot. Roll in there with your crew, hoping to run into your rival crew and go head to head with no judges just you vs them or you vs whoever. I can say that, that’s where I learned how to battle. That is what helps me do competitions. My approach to a contest is to look at it like I am battling, not putting on a show. It’s the same as if I was in a circle battling someone 3 rounds except there is judges. What I’m saying is, to me it’s the same approach. I don’t change my battle mentality, it’s just under set rules.

I always tell people that take my workshop to learn about themselves in the circles. Battle people, it doesnt always have to be at a jam. Just learn take your time to understand what you can and can’t do. That way once you have that understanding you can go into a contest and break your opponent down like you would in a real battle.

I’m not trying to sound cliche about the whole cypher thing. It’s just that without understanding this part of the dance, you are missing a big piece of what this is about.

The clip I’m posting was some footage that a friend of mine caught at jam in SF. It’s a rare thing for me to have footage like this, because I feel like this where you won’t see me.

Thought I would share this.


Behind the Shoot

I recently had a shoot for the upcoming Red Bull BC One qualifier in Chicago. It was a lot of fun and shot at some cool locations around San Diego. From Writers Block to Chicano Park. A good productive day to feel good about. I enjoyed the interview and looking forward to seeing the finished product. Lucky for me I had a friend of mine snapping flicks through out the day. Here they are and enjoy.


It has been a very busy year so far and right now I am sitting in the eye of the storm. Right before the second half storms through, I have decided to get my blog site redesigned for some new motivation. I have been wanting to post some of my adventures in more depth. At times I feel posting things is over done, but I forget that not many have the opportunities I have. So with this whole new site I will start a whole new thing for myself and for all the people that have supported me through the years. The importance of creating our own is very valuable. I got tired of posting for a blog site. Now it’s time to post for my own site and build.

Thanks to the bboy spot staff! for hooking it up!