The Calamity Corner

This week after arriving from Costa Rica. BBoy Lancer from The Calamities asked if i would be down to do an interview for his webisodes The Calamity Corner. His approach on these interviews is to get deep into the bboy style and our personal approach. We had a long conversation about many things and issues as well. Feel free to check it out and share it.

Words with Yan

While touring Russia I had the chance to catch up with a lot bboys and people. Some good memories and thanks for the support everyone showed!

I also had a chance to stop by where Yan from All the Most teaches. I got to interview him and ask him a few questions. Thanks for the time Yan and hope everyone enjoys it.

This is my second interview, I think its important to hear some of these bboys’ stories and get an idea from different aspects of this world wide community.
Excuse the length but its valuable to let each individual speak with out a cut off.


Practice in Moscow

Here is a clip of Lilou and myself messing around for a few hours. It was good to get a session in between all the stuff we have scheduled. Good times for sure enjoy the clip and thanks to Malice from Ill Flow for shooting it.


February 9th-Bay Area Workshop


Next Saturday February 9th I will be teaching a workshop in San Francisco. It will be my first workshop in SF in 4 years. Its been a while! If you are interested it will be going down from 2:30- 4pm as City Dance Studio.

This is my new workshop that I have been teaching all around the globe. It will be the first time teaching it in the bay! So come on through!!
This class is based on practice exercises that will help students expand on their creativity and fundamentals. It is an advanced class for bboys/bgirls so come ready to get down and get pushed to a new limit. From footwork to freezes to power. This will not be a 5,6,7,8 class.

Here is the Facebook link

Time 2:30-4PM

Fee: $20

32 Otis st San Francisco, CA


A conversation with Wicket…


This last weekend while visiting Canada for Big Trouble Little Vancouver. I had the privilege to link up with a good friend/crew mate of mine, Wicket!
I wanted to ask him a few questions from coming up in the 90’s to going pro at an early age and his experiences and advice.
Wicket to me was an inspiration and influenced when I got in Renegades. The first time I saw him was in Radiotron 96 and from there on he just got iller and iller. I had the privilege of battling him in the late 90’s. To me he represented that true bboy image in a time when not everyone was on that mind set. One of the first from his generation to have a fresh bboy style mixed with really good power combos. A rare thing even today.

Just wanna give him my respects.
Hope you enjoy the interview


Artist to Athlete??

All stars

Here is a video from a special training we(Red Bull BCone All Stars) attended in late Novemeber at the Red Bull HQ in Santa Monica. As many bboys know, this dance is physically demanding. With age comes more complications to be able to maintain your skill. I have always believed that one can dance as long as he chooses. The way to do so is to stay on top of your training in BBoyn and outside of bboyn. This dance is not a sport and we all know that, this is an artistic dance thats a part of a culture. I do believe that we must train like athletes to keep ourselves in shape. In sports when you see some of the greatest in their sport, they were all able to still be on top late in their careers. They kept up with their sport, and understood that they’re way of practice and training was going to be the difference.

We attended the camp for four days and got to learn new things that can help maximize our abilities that we have developed. Some people might look at this like something wack or good. One thing that I will have to say is this, the camp for me is eye opening to learning how to make changes in some of my training habits. Four daye will not make us stronger or improve us on the spot. Each day we learn about new stuff from nutrition to workouts. It was an amazing opportunity for all of us, but nothing will make us better unless we ourselves commit to the things we learned and are willing to make those changes.

Here is a quote from the greatest Mohammed Ali
“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them- a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”

Enjoy the video and if you got q’s leave on the comments!


Battle Tips

Battle Tip

Battle Tip,
Heres a new video I posted where I cover a subject that I go over in my workshops about understanding bboy battles. The purpose of this video is to give my input on the way I understand battles. From my experience, watching and judging battles it is clear that not many battles are no longer real battles but rather performances. Battling someone is like having a conversation with dance, you keep building off of the topics you are having. Some battles dont make sense sometimes because none of the same vocabulary is being shown by one another. So I really hope you enjoy this video and if you have any questions drop a comment.

NOTE: Not everyone battles this way just putting that out there. There is a good amount of bboys that understand and do what I am talking about so I am not attacking no one.


Guatemalan Experience..

This last October I got to visit Guatemala for a special project revolving around dance and Mayan Culture. It became an experience that can never be forgotten. Lil G and myself went from Guatemala city to Lago Atitlan to teach bboyn. Along the way we got to do a Mayan ritual and got to meet their spiritual leader. He was fulfilled with knowledge and experience. The whole journey was documented by a non profit channel called Comal TV.
The workshops were great, just interacting with the bboys out there was eye opening. It reminded me the power Hip Hop has on youth and the under privilege. Living somewhere where Hip Hop is widely accepted and lived by so many. I feel that sometimes it is taken for granted with all the whining. These kids live this to better themselves and have a way out from a tough environment. Really humbling experience and a wake up to not ever forget the impact this art form and culture has had on our lives!

Enjoy the clip