This last weekend The BBoy Spot hosted it’s last Outbreak in the USA. I can’t believe it has been 10 years already. It’s funny because the same weekend, 10 years ago I won my first international battle. It is interesting to see what has been accomplished in the last decade. I heard about Outbreak for the first in 2005, Drock and myself were planning on going to battle but in the end it fell through. The following year, Kid David and myself went to battle and attend the event. Since then we always tried to make our way there as often as we could. Outbreak was always a good experience. From just catching wreck in the circles to the battles. There was always some top level battlers and that’s what made it a hard jam. It was well balanced in terms of cyphers and competition. It really provided a platform for bboys like myself here in the US to highlight their skill. While other events are more concerned with the staging, Outbreak was kept in a circle, so you could just feel the vibe of battling in a cypher. It was small with hardly any space for routines. That’s the point you don’t go to a battle expecting a 20 by 20 floor. Outbreak definitely helped highlight some of what I represented. I want to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to show my ability. This last one was epic, one for the books. I am glad to have been there and glad to be apart of the celebration! From battling with Nasty Ray to winning the event twice with Kid David and the battle with Focus. All great memories from Outbreak! Thank you to the BBoy Spot, Biggest and Baddest and Mex!

Much Respect

shout out to Bobbi Vie , Nasty Ray, and Tim Pethel

Music By Archnemesis