This last weekend my crew, the Renegade Rockers celebrated our 30 year anniversary. The crew was created by two bboys from different crews. OC Silva who at the time was down with Stunt City Rockers and Gizmo who was down with The Eternal Breaking Crew. The two groups joined forces and began to establish themselves through the dance scene in the bay area. That was just the start of what would help redefine the crew with its 90’s generation of recruitments. The 90’s was a new era and the Renegades were at the forefront of the bboy community. These new talents included Wicket, Jazzy Jay, Swae, Manny Styles, Politix, Blue and many more guys that helped reestablish the crew name on a world wide scale. This was the generation of the crew that was a part of an epic battle that is considered to be a game changing battle for the bboy/bgirl community world wide. Renegades against Style Elements at the 1996 Radiotron. Watching the video of this battle was a big eye opener for myself and both crews involved inspiring me to elevate my dance to the next level. It was the battle of a new generation of bboys that hadn’t been seen on an international level.
The 2000’s was a new start for the new crew members as many of the 90’s members stopped being as active in the scene. This group started with Finnesse, D-Rock, OJ (RIP), Epic, Golden Child, Ground Level, Deon, and myself. From this group we began to bring the crew name back into the battle circuit and the scene. This led to the recruitments of new talent such as Kid David, Flexum, Poison, Iron Monkey just to name a few. The rest is history, for me it has been an absolute honor to be a part of this crew and to have helped carry on the legacy.
Major shout out to all the guys!
Thanks to everyone who came and supported and made this a special event for us!
As part of this special date we also got together again with Style Elements and did a Renegades vs Style Elements rematch. Here is the video and enjoy!