Last week for the Holiday myself along with the support of one of my sponsors, Biggest & Baddest. Decided to have a freeze photo contest on Instagram. I just wanted to show an appreciation to all the support I have received for the year. So in return the contestants would get some prizes. Honestly the response was huge with over 1000 photos added to the #roxfreezeframe hashtag. I was suppose to announce the winners yesterday but due to the overwhelming response I wasn’t able to pick just 2 winners. We decided it was best to give out 4 prizes so a 3rd and 4th prize winners were added. I just want to say thank you to everyone and thanks for taking part in this fun contest. So many cool freezes and creative freezes. I hope everyone uses them in there dance and not just their photos!

The winners are
1st: Mikeofsteel

2nd: BBoyTheCurse

3rd: Nicotheneato

4th: BgirlFlix

All the winners please email me at

Thank you to everyone who took part!
and thanks to Biggest & Baddest for sponsoring the contest!