What is RoxRite100?

This is the story of winning 100 different tournaments through 20 years of competitive breaking. Red Bull is supporting the idea by creating a 100 day campaign that is telling the stories through different content. From VHS tapes trading cards, it is a way to celebrate each win with the story behind the victory. As of now the campaign has been running for 45 days, almost half way through.

The Idea

A bit of a back story to this project, its history and its origin. In 2002, while learning and working with Zulu Gremlin he suggested me to track my victories. Something not many people do in the breaking community, specially in competitive breaking. At that time, only being active for about 4 years the victory list was minimal. We fast forward to 2009, after years of being consistent in the competitive scene and reaching 62 tournaments wins. A video was made to share the idea of winning 100 tournaments. The inspiration comes from a sports background in terms of statistics. Boxers carry a win loss record which creates value for the boxers. In football scoring touchdowns is another way to measure someones success or skill in the sport. As a young kid collecting trading cards and admiring the wide receiver position, a Steve Largent card that showed his career stats is where the idea of pursuing 100 was birthed. He was the first wide receiver to reach 100 touchdowns in a career. The standard of reaching 100 was the beginning of players pursuing a benchmark. In competitive breaking there has yet to be a serious way of recording your success. 100 wins will hopefully become the new benchmark for the breaking community to strive for.