After a 3 week tour from Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand I am back and ready for another journey.

Here are some showcases I did while traveling. Showcases are never really my thing and hard to take serious. Usually it’s like lights are on, go!!  There is no time to build up your vibe and get loose. Here are 2 videos of 2 different type of showcases. One straight to the point, and the other getting down with people. It’s funny because I prefer to get down in the dark circles where there are no lights shining. The lights shining on you and everyone starring is just a weird feeling. The expectations are for you to blow it up. Not my style! Peep the clips



3 Responses to “Showcases…”

  1. sevag

    I love you man do anything you want wish to see you again in lebanon

  2. BBoy yuLion

    Hey Rox.
    I’m a bboy from Germany and watch out for your blog as often as I can.
    Ken Swift, Nasty Ray but especially you are such great inspirations for me and I’m thankful for all the knowlege you kick 😉 Just sayin that cause I also think it is important for ppl like you to get their job acknowledged..Keep doing your Thing cause you are the best in it
    Peace yuLion

  3. Trevor

    You’re showcases were still mad though! I wouldn’t have noticed you don’t like showcases if you didn’t say so, keep up the good work bro! :’)


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