South Africa – Redbull Bcone Tour 

A couple of weeks ago I got to return to the place where I battled for the 2007 red bull bcone. South Africa, the last time I was there I had a great experience even if I came in second. I finally got to make my return with fellow all star Lilou. We had 4 cities to visit and teach with a screening of turn it loose in each city. 
Along with Q&As. 

To start off the super mega flight to SA was crazy SD to atl 4hrs Atl to Johannesburg 16.5

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. Pretty crazy! But definitely worth the travel time. This time around I got to see more of south Africa including meeting more bboys! 

First stop was Johannesburg, we did a screening the day i got there. It was at a cool spot with a lot of thme local bboys we got some good feedback from everyone. On Saturday we taught our workshops. Joburg showed mad love there was so many bboys there and just had a good vibeto the class even with the amount of students. They dont get to many outside bboys to go out there and teach so i think they all really enjoyed. The main event in joburg was the Solo Pro battle that me and lilou were judging at. It had 16 of the best boys from all over the country. It was an interesting tournament because many of the favorites lost early. In the end bboy The Curse won the whole thing and took home the grand prize. Overall I really enjoyed judging the battles. After the battles were over the place turned into a party jam which was dope because you get a different vibe then just a bboy battle. 
After johannesburg the next 3 days was straight travel we headed east to durban the land of the Zulus, and from there we went to Port Elizabeth. Both workshops went really good I think my favorite workshop of the tour was in Port Elizabeth I really had fun teaching and got to teach a bunch of new stuff. Hopefully they picked up some new concepts and add some more footwork to their dancing. Durban was fun as well there was more beginner like students there. We also got to check out a very interesting place while we were doing a photoshoot  it was like a herbs man shopping area. They had all kinds of crazy stuff from dead bats to monkey skulls. Crazy!
Our final stop for the tour was Cape Town! I have been wanting to go there for a while but never had the chance. Now i did it and it was the last stop of the tour. Our first 2 days we got to just chill and check out the city. Checked out some museums while I was at it and man there is so much history. On one of the days we also got to do a radio interview on The Ready D show. Ready D was one of the first bboys in south Africa and now a successful DJ. Very cool humble guy he also took us around the cape flats and gave us a little tour and history on hip hop in SA. An experience I won’t forget. 
One of the highlights of the tour was when we went to a church center and got to dance with some of the kids from some of the poorest neighborhoods in Cape town along with some of the older heads that inspired ,and teach many of the young ones. This is what it’s about vibing being able to just catch a session with these kids  was inspiring. They got so much potential I hope to go back and do it again. 

That sums up the South Africa Redbull Bcone tour a big shout out to DJ Switch, Bboy vouks and OB for showing us good time! Shout out to all the bboys out there keep representing!