Battle De Vaulx Champions – RoxRite, Victor

In 2006, Kid David and myself began battling alongside Spee-D and Squid from Unique Styles. This led to us connecting with Mex One at Outbreak 3. We ended up winning and getting a spot on the BBoyworld Team. Mex had a vision with the way he saw us connect and vibe. The vision was to take some of the most influential bboy’s at that time and push us to keep building. At that time members would come and go. Which makes building and developing a chemistry a difficult task. In 2008 a combination of Renegades/Break Disciples, Unique Styles, Masters Of Mayhem, and MIND 180 took a step into building and staying active in the battle scene. At this point Mex came up with the name Squadron. Instead of having a crew based on a website, he felt that we needed to have our own identity. Eventually Squadron/BBW Team parted ways when Mex left the site.

From here we went on to establish the name on a new level. Winning almost every major event we entered for a 2 year span. We have continued to carry the name, winning many more titles in the last 10 years.

Massive Monkee Day Champions – Kid David, P-Nut, Luigi

On April 19th MexOne Day we celebrated his life and legacy. On this weekend we had the opportunity to battle at 3 different events. Massive Monkee Day, Battle De Vaulx, and World Break Event. We swept the events and came home champions.

World Break Event Champions – Nasty Ray, El Niño