This year it will be my turn to judge the USA national finals of the Red Bull BC One. It is all happening in Las Vegas on August 15th, 2014. Make sure to tune in on Red Bull TV or if your in the Sin City then drop in and show some love.


Just want to say that the list of competitors looks serious. This year I will just be a spectator for the world finals but I would love to see a US bboy bring back the title. The US is filled with talent and some of the best battle bboys in the world. Our scene still preserves a battle essence even if it is in a competitive matter. From west to east the battles take place weekly, small or big it doesn’t matter. The same way you bboys rock battles in cyphers and local events. It’s the same approach you gotta have when hitting this BC One stage. Many cypher battles now a days only last a few rounds anyways so you shouldn’t separate your battle approach. How many times have you seen 3 round battles go down in a cypher? Ive seen quite a few. Even though I never understood why you would battle someone only 3 rounds if there is no judges or round limit. In that environment its about proving your point. So if you can prove your point in a 3 round cypher battle then you can prove the same on a 3 round battle. Of course the vibe around you isn’t the same because your on a stage battling. I would say to keep your focus on your opponent and show the world what your style is about. A battle is a battle 2 round, 3 rounds or 20. The moment you think this is a show is the moment you have lost the battle.

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