Something that comes to mind now a days is how many people cater their style to whats happening in competitions. That is the reason I believe why I have been seeing a lot of the same moves being done by different people at all these contests. I have been competing for a bit now and before I ever competed I was just getting down. It took me almost 3.5 years to enter my first contest. During those 3.5 years I was developing my style. Through influences obviously because we all get inspired by someone. Until this day though I carry the same mentality. Work on developing your dance first instead of having your style be based on competitions.

One thing I will always remember was what Sha One said to me when he saw me in a circle battle after I had lost one of my first competitions, and that was “why werent you doing none of that in the competition?” and that did it for me that was it. It all made sense after that. In the contest I was just doing tricks and moves when I already had mad shit I was only doing stuff to get props.

After that I brought my real shit to the contest. This where i’m at now carrying that same mentality. Thats why I never ask why I win or loose its about bringing your style to the battle! Cypher or comp dont matter just do you.