Back from Brazil after a great week of experiences. This year going into the BC one as the defending champion was a whole new challenge. It is different when no one expects much from you compared to when all eyes are on you. Knowing that this was going to be a challenge, I chose to rise to the occasion. Unfortunately the results werent what I was striving for. As everything started happening I realized my preparation was not enough, more time was necessary. The more comfortable and natural you feel going into a battle like this the better you will perform when the pressure is on.

For everyone asking on how I feel about my battles, here is my answer.

In my first battle i felt I stuck to my game plan and came out on top. The heat in the buidling was nothing like ive ever felt before in battle. I have battled in some of the hottest places but this was the new record. Not only did I have a new battle at hand, the over opiniated crowd was there to let you know that you should of lost to whatever they liked.(funny) Obviously that has no impact in my personal performance but it can affect your feel for the battle.
Walking to the back stage to cool down and prepare for the 2nd round was my next step. Going into the battle with Differ I knew I had an experienced battler in front of me. All I had in mind was to come out and attack hime with some of my own moves. He responded well and executed. As the battle was happening I could not pin point what I wanted to use against him. A personal error on my behalf, usually things click faster. After it was all said and done the judges raised their cards. To my eyes a 4-1 vote in his favor was the result. Do I agree? Sure, I can see why the battle was given to him. Its not about sitting here an complaining who voted for who. If anything I feel that I beat myself by not being as prepared as I wanted to be

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. Under the circumstances that happened I found ways to work around them. In the end it proved to not have been enough. I will say that after loosing at this years BC One I feel the fire and hunger to come back harder. Always learn from my loses just like one learns from our mistakes.

Getting back on your feet after failing at something is what defines you as a champion. Never giving up!