While being on the road during my 52 day journey, there was a moment when everything slowed down. This moment was at IBE. During the footwork battles Crazy Leggs stopped by and presented me with the Spy Award. It was an absolute honor to receive this award, for the accomplishments and dedication put into this scene that I love. Being recognized for this award was a surprise and a special moment not only my career but in my life.

A little history of the man behind the award. Spy is a legendary bboy from the 70’s who was down with the Crazy Commandoes. Spy was also known as “The Man With A Thousand Moves”. He is responsible for innovating moves that became part of our foundation. From six step to swipes he had many moves and made them look different from the stories I have heard.
As a kid coming up in this dance, my crew was heavily inspired by Rock Steady in the mid 90’s. We had a lot of influence from their style of bboyn

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. When we started doing more research on the history of the dance we kept hearing his name Spy the man with a thousand moves. Hearing that name, it inspired myself to be as well rounded as possible. I wanted to be the next kid with a thousand moves!
Even though we have never met, my respects go out to him for what he innovated and did in the scene.


Photos provided by Jungth from Korean Roc-Thank you