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Been busy on the go this last month. I am currently on the last day of the tour! Time to get back home and reset my life.

At the start of the tour I was in Austria for a week teaching and judging. The main event of the trip was to battle at Circle industry and Checkmate. After not battling together for a few years as Squadron we decided it was time to get back together and do what we do best. Battling under the rules at Checkmate makes you think harder and strategize. Its not easy but it takes you back to the basics of a battle. Understanding your members strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has to play their role and come out and do their part. You also have to take risks. It reminded me of the way I battled with my first crew back when I first started. Overall it was a fun experience and enjoyed the concept for the battles.



Photos by MG the Bboy Spot Europe