This last March on my first trip of the year. I got the chance to visit France for the first time in 2 years. On this trip I got to hang with fellow Red Bull BC One All Star Lilou. Lilou invited me to take a visit to his city of Lyon and stay at his house for a few days. While there we filmed and walked around the places he grew up and practiced at. Even went to the infamous Opera house where he and Pockemon developed their dance. I even got called out and did a few rounds with some of the guys there. Always good and ready to battle. No big stages or audiences needed, just about respect and dance.
It was dope experience for me getting to hang and step into his world. He still lives in the neighborhood he grew up in, which is the equivalent of what we in america call the projects. Vaux En Velin is the second poorest city in France. Just hanging around him in his neighborhood you can see why, it keeps him grounded in life and close to his roots. We represent where we’re from or where we were raised. So there is always that connection and and inspiration you get from those around you.

Here is a little recap Lilou put together on my journey through his Hood!