These last few years have flown by with all of the traveling going on. So when things slow down at the end of the year i sit back and look over what I did through out the year. Yea i sometimes carry a camera with me every where I go, and people always ask me what I’m doing with it. I just say documenting these awesome experiences in my own way. That way when I look back at everything I will atleast have some flicks to look over. Here are some of my favorite shots from 2014 that I took myself

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. Well except for 1. No I am not a professional photographer FYI.


Lancer getting down

Ken Swift Teaching in Spain

One of the coolest locations I have ever seen, The City of 1001 Churches

BC One Paris

Nasty Ray Dropping a concrete 90

Sofia, Bulgaria

Taisuke in Perm City Russia

Roaming solo through Birmingham, England

Warsaw, Poland

In the Holocaust Memorial Berlin, Taken by Marisol

My pops