Here is an article that Red Bull Malaysia did for the BC One Cypher that happened last weekend! For all you up and coming kids here are some pointers for you!

BBoy Roxrite - Portrait

Photo By Mark Teo

Roxrite shares 5 tips Malaysian breakers should take seriously.

Internationally-renown B-Boy, Omar Delgado or better known to the world as ROXRITE is currently down in Malaysia to judge the one-on-one 2013 Red Bull BC One Malaysia Cypher. Amidst Roxrite’s tight schedule, we manage to catch the multiple-title winning B-Boy (82 titles to be exact) and have him spill the beans on what makes a true champion in the Red Bull BC One arena. Being a Red Bull BC One 2011 World Champion, Roxrite gives us the heads up on what you should focus on

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Know your moves and keep your moves tight. You can’t afford to mess up! ‘Nuff said.


You need to truly understand the art of battling to win a battle. This comes with practice and experience.

…we usually battle until someone quits.

Battle more outside of competitions where you’re free from pre-set up rules and time limits – that’s the best way to practice. When we do it in the streets or clubs, we usually battle until someone quits. It helps.


Hit the music correctly, don’t sway and go out of beat. Stick with the rhythm, groove with the music’s energy. You don’t have to compromise on speed but you MUST stay on beat.

BBoy Roxrite - Portrait

Photo By Gee Chee Minh


Develop your own power /signature moves, something you can call your own. In the bigger picture of things, you need to leave a mark in breaking, even if it’s one little move. Don’t do what everyone else is doing.


I understand that the Red Bull BC One consists of 9 rounds per battle, but you must be able to do at least 20 good rounds on any good day, effortlessly. If you can’t, you need to practice.

Use your biggest moves; don’t keep it for last – that’s how you lose.

Red Bull BC One is looking for the best talent in the world. If you make it through the Malaysian qualifiers, you’ll be up against Asia’s best where you’ll be forced to go hard. Use your biggest moves; don’t keep it for last – that’s how you lose. Use your power moves and down the line, have new stuff, new content. Control your moment and make sure you wow every chance you get.

BBoy Roxrite - Performance


Photo by Gee Chee Minh

Article written by Red Bull Malaysia.