Here is a small tutorial put together for developing bboys. After judging many events through the last few years, I noticed the same freezes being done around the world

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. How? If there is so many freezes in the dance and so many that havent been done. The freeze is an original bboy move, from the most recognized freezes the chair. Which I consider to be one of the most important freezes in breaking. That reason being that the position you are in is extreme on the body. Learning how to get in and out of it will open up your style and physical understanding on how to use your body from and open position to a closed position. Same for when you start going to the handstand position, or elbow or head. They are all different dynamics of freeze transitions.

I kept the tutorial very basic so you can just see a small combo of a basic freezes. I didnt want to show you how to use the freezes but rather just see them and then you yourself finding ways to use them. Also you can add your own twist to each freeze.

The ending part of the clip I want to be clear on. It will take sometime for you to feel comfortable being on your weak hand. Something you will have to play with for a bit. It is definitely worth it, the more natural you look on both hands the better you will become at using transitions in your moves.