This last October I got to visit Guatemala for a special project revolving around dance and Mayan Culture. It became an experience that can never be forgotten. Lil G and myself went from Guatemala city to Lago Atitlan to teach bboyn. Along the way we got to do a Mayan ritual and got to meet their spiritual leader

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. He was fulfilled with knowledge and experience. The whole journey was documented by a non profit channel called Comal TV.
The workshops were great, just interacting with the bboys out there was eye opening. It reminded me the power Hip Hop has on youth and the under privilege. Living somewhere where Hip Hop is widely accepted and lived by so many. I feel that sometimes it is taken for granted with all the whining. These kids live this to better themselves and have a way out from a tough environment. Really humbling experience and a wake up to not ever forget the impact this art form and culture has had on our lives!

Enjoy the clip