Hip Hop Do’s & Don’ts – Jam Prizes

How many battles have you won?? I’m sure many of us have got a few under our belt. It’s not easy but it can be done

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. So usually when winning a battle you are given some kind of prize. Now don’t get it wrong it is always appreciated to receive something and we know it is not easy putting on events for promoters. Have you ever won something and wondered why they even gave you the prize?
Sometimes it seems as if vendors just throw whatever leftovers they have to give away. If you want your brand to be seen then make sure you give the winners something they will want to wear or share. A lot of promoters do a good job of making sure the prizes are put together well. There are many funny stories that we have heard, but here is one that we hope you will enjoy. It is based on a true story so please check it out, share and enjoy.

What’s the weirdest prize you won?? Feel free to share your story and leave it in the comments.

Also this is a skit and we are not professional actors we are just trying to give a message. haha