On my return to IBE this time around it became another memorable moment in my life. It has become a true hip hop/bboy festival! So many bboys and bgirls in attendance it is something to experience. It was very nice meeting so many people this last weekend. I was running around with the Red Bull BC one all stars as well as Squadron members. So much to do and so many categories to watch i just roamed around and caught whatever I could. I sat through a few panels which I thiught were well done. On Saturday Ronnie and myself had a talk show about our bboy careers and just on our beliefes as bboys and our approaches. I was flatered to be a part of this. We went through many subjects from our back grounds to our battle approach. The two subjects that i really enjoyed talking about, One was music and the other was the internet age of bboyn. We ended up getting a good turn out considering all the battles that were happening at the same time. I want to say thank you to those that came out. They had some good questions. Ill try and cover these later.

Then came the day of the all battles all which had a new concept as far as teams. It was great to be apart of The notorious team. When they announced me i was surprised at the response i received. A lot of love! Made me feel more comfortable for the battles. The energy we had in the first battle between the Legends and us was incredible. So much hype it is hard to put it in words! wow!! I also enjoyed battling the Present Players mad respect and straight battle. They did well I wish they  would gave us a little more time to rest in between. Still dope though

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. Overall a fun trip once again to the IBE! Happy 10th yr anniversary. I hope it doesnt take me 5 more years to go back. Heres some pics of the trip.