This week has been a hard week of training. Having had some issues with my back earlier in the week, it was useful to go back to what inspired me in my early years.
The 96′ BBoy Summit has got to go down as one of my top 5 most influential tapes in bboyn. The battle that took place at this event between an up and coming Style Elements Crew vs The Iconic Rock Steady Crew was a battle that changed my approach to developing my dance. The way Kenny, Flow, Wiggles, Easy Roc and the rest of the RSC members showed a bboy style that was years ahead of its time while sticking to the traditional way of breakin. While Style Elements represented a new approach in the way they used moves and movement. To me this is where Remind caught my eye. I looked at it like who is that guy? He was hungry and just didnt stop going out round after round

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. Showed me that you had to have mad rounds to go after someone like Flow or Kenny who to me were and are legends in this dance.

Its a shame I didnt witness this in person.

So inspiring! Always nothing but respects to those that came before me and specially the guys in this video!