For the first time in 2 years it is time to restart this blog. The last 2 years have been a roller coaster of emotions and life changing moments.

After years of actively running this site I hit a road block on writing on here. A huge role is the life changing things we experience. Being active in breaking and making breaking a career is a time consuming thing. When this dance goes from hobby to work many things change. There is no set schedule to this there is only time. One thing we must understand is that there is no right or wrong way to work this. Many that have become successful in dance, work it the way it fits for them. We all play different roles. For me breaking took over beyond words. Consumed with the constant thought of the next thing and what to do next to push to the next level. From creating content to preparing for events to traveling around the world. We are a jack of all trades, dancer, manager, teacher, videographer, writer, photographer, marketer, consultant I mean the list goes on. In the end the only thing that matters overall is your actual skill, talent.

Getting lost is the process of refinding yourself. I got lost, in the pursuit of all this I found myself uninspired on so many different levels. From life to dance, it hit me from all sides. They say balance is key

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. So creating that for yourself is important. It is still a work in progress not an easy job.

What now?

Time to start over and get back to expressing. Facebook and other platforms have become the main source for content and for sharing your thoughts and ideas. We are consumed by the instant, one moment gets forgotten by the next. An endless hole of the same reproduction of one liner or emoji posts. It is time for a personal change and that change is to share with the world again, this journey I am on. Videos, reviews, articles, and hopefully something for you to come back and be inspired or pushed by.

To all that have supported and come back to keep up with me through here, thank you.