Roxright - Action
Photo By Romina Amato

Better late then never here is a clip I edited from my trip to this years Red Bull BC One and FreestyleSession World Finals

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. In this dance you will never stop learning from the experiences we live through. Went from Seoul to Tokyo on this trip. 10 years ago my first overseas trip was to Japan. 10 years later, back again for the Freestylesession World Finals. For me this was a big one #84 on my chase to 100. After BC One I felt a little disappointed, in myself more then anything. So when it was time to battle at Session I felt like I had to prove something to myself. Ine the end we took home the rings! Just some thoughts so check out the video for some more insight on what went down for me.
A big shout out to Nasty Ray and El Nino for the motivation and for pushing me step it up. Always dope battling with these guys.
Feel free to share if you like!


Music provided By Wicket, and Lean Rock