RoxRite University

Welcome to RoxRite’s first online program! It’s a 10 course program for b-boys and b-girls to develop and grow their skill set to a higher level. This program will cover a broad scale of elements that make up the dance known as Breakin. This program will help expand b-boy’s/b-girl’s vocabulary for self-growth. Each class will be based on specific topics that has helped RoxRite build consistency throughout his career. Come and learn from the most accomplished figures in Breakin.

For inquiries and full info on prize and classes contact

Story Behind RoxRite University

On November 26th 2011, RoxRite walked back on to the Red Bull BC One stage to claim his 77th victory and 3rd Solo World Championship title. A close friend by the name of Ghost customized a one of a kind sweater

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. Across the chest the term RoxRite University and on the lower left side the slogan get schooled. That night RoxRite became the oldest competitor to win the Red Bull BC One World Championship and elevating the standard for age in competitive breaking.