RoxRite vs Focus? Outbreak 5 promo (via Vimeo)

This last weekend the had outbreak 5 in Orlando, Florida. It turned out to be a good event. Had a dope vibe to it, a lot of circle time. People got to vibe out and catch some battles. Shout out to all the DJ’s that spun some good beats and of course the bands that put on some dope performances!

I concentrated more on the exhibition battle I wanted to but  didn’t really get to hit up the circles as much as I would have liked. It has been a little over 4 years since i last had one of these exhibition battles. Last time it was against Lil Roc, 8 rounds. This time against Focus it was 12 rounds. I guess every 4 years it goes up haha.

To start the battle, Mex announced us like it was a boxing match! That shit had me ready. When they announced my name I was surprised at the support everyone shoed for me! It was flattering to hear and feel the energy! Thanks to everyone there that showed love!

This Battle was definitely a memorable one! We both lasted the 12 rounds which was an accomplishment in itself. We did have a 2 minute break after 6 rounds and did the other 6

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. Going into the battle it was a I was a bit worried since i didn’t get to train as steady as i wanted to. Just been having a busy year which is a good thing! The week before I had practiced doing the 12 rounds and then some at least 3 times. My body felt finished. Both my wrist were hurting and my back. Got to rest as much as I could the week of the battle so i didn’t know how it was going to be. In the end it went really good!

Much respect to Focus! It was an honor to be apart of this event and be the main event! Your gonna have to wait to watch or find someone that can show you the video!