To celebrate the 77th win which was the 2011 Red Bull BC One. As part of the Roxrite 100 campaign, Red Bull and I teamed up with Adidas to print a limited edition jersey for my 77th victory. To say thanks for the support of the breakin scene over the years, we are hosting a freeze video contest on Instagram – one winner will receive a Roxrite 100 prize pack that includes a jersey, notebook, trading cards, pins and 100 win poster.


1. Create a video of your best freeze combination, up to 10 second video.

2. Upload the video to Instagram and hashtag #roxrite100 or tag @roxrite95

From there, I’ll choose the best freeze combination as the winner.


– Only 1 entry per person.

– The freezes will be judged based on concepts, originality, and fluidity of combination

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Best of luck to the contestants.

On the left sleeve “Por La Sangre” and on the right “Por El Arte”. Representing my heritage by blood on one sleeve and by art on the other. On the chest an emblem that was on the Red Bull BC One World title belt that year.

A little back story to the victory and jersey. After walking away as the runner up of the 2007 Red Bull Bc one in South Africa. It took 4 years to come back and make another run at the crown. During those 4 years Squadron emerged, kid David and myself spent a lot of time competing at many events. In the process I relocated to Southern California. During all this time I was constantly training and staying motivated. Walking away as the runner up by one vote kept the hunger alive.

That year we also had kicked off the tours of the Red Bull bc one all stars and spent most of our time traveling to different countries to teach, judge and promote the event. This was also the year they were filming Battle of the year the movie. Originally Kid David was suppose to battle in Moscow. After booking a role in the movie, he asked if I’d take his place in that years BC one. From the moment it was decided to take part. The only focus became preparation. Prepare for the chance that presented itself. Over all I did not anticipate on winnings. The aim was to do well and leave a mark. In the end it was enough and the rest is history.